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4/2/2018 c7 11chrissymama
4/2/2018 c7 12ghostwritten2
I'm so glad you felt up to continuing this story - it is so delightful. Hooray for meeting the Daroga and Darius! I love the way Erik takes Beau with him everywhere he goes. Can't wait to see what happens when they go to hear Christine sing.
2/19/2018 c6 ghostwritten2
Oh, this is adorable. I love how Beau wins Erik over. And now Erik has met Christine! I hope you will continue this.
9/22/2017 c1 10angelofnight
Well I decided to check this out... And if it weren't for the rainy beginning I probably could have gone "Aww, see, pugs ARE cute!" LOL. But the pugs I've known have all been moist, get-snot-and-drool-all-over-you, long-clawed fat little monsters. Not the pug's fault, of course. They were all - quite coincidentally - owned by mentally ill women who could not tae proper care of them and they just wanted attention. But yikes... Sorry ... even Erik loving it can't make me like them... If one came up to me nice and calm I could probably appreciate one - but it's never happened. That's why I don't really like small dogs. They're too high strung for me.

As for the writing - it was quite lovely. I don't imagine I'll read this straight through. The story doesn't seem like it is for me. But I probably will at least continue to try at a later date when my eyes aren't seeing nearly double! LOL! I tried to read WAY too early today!
8/20/2017 c6 45Igenlode Wordsmith
Well, Erik *was* a fairly honest Ghost to start with in this version of the story, but Beau's needs seem to be leading him to resort to more and more dubious activities!

Since Beau is licking Erik's plate, I'm not sure it's worth Erik's refraining from seasoning his food - Beau clearly doesn't object :-)

"He has a dog race only girls like! He uses that dog to lure girls into his flat" - ah, that is an awkward interpretation to put on Erik's unusual choice of pet... and it does look very odd for a tall, ugly man to decide to walk around with a lap-dog that girls prefer.

So Erik notices Christine's voice in this version when she starts 'singing' to his *dog*!
Of course "no nose" is an unfortunate remark to make in Erik's vicinity ;-p
8/20/2017 c5 Igenlode Wordsmith
I like your description of the foyer at the Opera House as 'a second stage' on which the audience could display themselves!

Erik is taking a risk in allowing his dog to howl during performances on a regular basis - it can't be that difficult to work out which side of the auditorium the noise is coming from, and if he does it too often they will be able to pin down the exact location to box number 5 (all they have to do is send someone to walk round the corridor at the back of the boxes and listen at the doors..)

A snoring 'ghost' in the office must be a very surreal sort of haunting to have :-D

It's fortunate for Erik that he has a lap-dog with short legs - presumably a 'long' walk for Beau is not too arduous for his master! Also fortunate that he doesn't have a healthy young *female* dog, or he might have all sorts of other problems during these walks...

I like the way that he just casually breaks into a house to discover if it's somewhere he might want to live ;-p

The trouble with a shared toilet is that if nobody ever sees him using it the neighbours might think he is very odd and start to wonder - under those circumstances, you *expect* to meet people queuing up outside or emptying their chamber pot in the mornings. But I suppose there's no rule against having an accommodation address that you don't actually live in most of the time.

Has Erik considered cutting a hole in the end of his coffin so that the pug can simply walk in and out without having to clamber over the edge? Or would that be a sacrifice too far? ;-p

Presumably Beau likes to sit on dirty laundry because it smells of Erik.

Hmmm... the pug causes one set of problems because of his exercise requirements. But he also helps to solve them.
8/17/2017 c6 4The Mad Old THAImer
Well, I've been on-off for a while, so perhaps I should start off by reviewing this. ( :) )

I find it rather interesting that Erik in this one has never actually met Christine. By "young woman", do you mean early teens (which I would assume to be a grown woman during this time period), or late teens to early twenties? Anyway, I am interested to see how this Christine will react, seeing that Erik already looks hideous. It does not seem that Erik is familiar with her, so is she a member of the ballet by this point, or perhaps...

Since Raoul's supposed to be in here, how will he tie in with all this? Is he Christine's fiance at this point?

Also, all the previous chapters were very cute and vivid. I could actually picture Beau pretty much creating chaos (like Erik) while being very attentive (also like Erik).

No surprise on Erik's skewed perception of corruption. Then again, I think he does have a fair point. His comment on the French Revolution was absolutely hilarious in my opinion; I was thinking about that quote as I read about the rich people's jewelry.

Should I also expect a not-so-friendly Daroga to also make his appearance soon? I would think he would not be pleased if Beau decided to mess with his fez cap...
8/16/2017 c6 2Valkyrievampire888
8/16/2017 c6 4TheNonBinaryCanary
8/16/2017 c6 MyNina
So Beau is the reason why Erik blackmailes the managers of the Opera Populaire :-)
First I was very angry and sad about the words of that ghastly woman, but Erik meeting Christine made my worries melt away... It is a lovely idea that he met Christine with Beau' s help :-) And I am quite sure that Beau insists on meeting her more often ;-)))
I am very curious how the story will proceed and if the puppy will take care that his obedient servant gets a happy ending...
Best regards, Nina
8/16/2017 c6 41AmadErik
oh Christine appeared. is that stupid woman mama Valerius then? Oh she can't be.
8/15/2017 c6 5Sissie131
Christine finally came to the picture! I wonder if there'll be the love triangle? Tho I wouldn't mind if she stayed with Erik instead of Raoul xD
8/9/2017 c5 MyNina
Awww, Erik would do anything for his Puppy to be content... I just imagined the managers who didn' t succeed in finding the howling dog while Erik and Beau had fun in Box 5 :-)
This was a great chapter, I love the idea of their heartwarming relationship and always smile while reading about their adventures!
Best regards, Nina
8/8/2017 c5 16Child of Dreams
(frowns in disapproval)
8/8/2017 c5 41AmadErik
Funny chapter, especially Erik's little tricks. It pains me as well if I hear a false note on something, so I know Erik's struggle.
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