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for To Dance With Death

10/12 c6 31Evilshallprevail
Sephiroth from final fantasy also counts
10/11 c11 Coolcatmfj
This is really interesting and I can't wait to see what happens when Atsu-chan meets Muroko, it's gonna be all kinds of weird I believe.
10/11 c11 Bepo1401
I feel like they really missed out on a great opportunity to flesh out n delve deeper in Takeshi's character in the manga much like many other characters

You've done a brilliant job with each of the characters you've introduced so far, I can't wait for a Hibari interlude as well as maybe even one for Reborn
10/11 c11 Bepo1401
I love Takeshi's character n honestly I feel like they missed a huge opportunity in demonstrating and fleshing out the complexity of his character in the manga (much like many of the other characters sadly)
10/11 c9 Bepo1401
omg Nagi
10/11 c7 Bepo1401
I love Ryohei's natural disposition to caring about other people's health and wellbeing its a really good way to show that he's not only such a great n kindbcharacter character but also kinda reference towards his Sun flames
10/10 c6 Bepo1401
I love the banter abiut death between Atsuko n Ryohei cos they really r the antithesis of one another, like Atsuko's family literally owns a funeral home n deals with the dead n Ryohei is a Sun, as in the flames that literally heal and represent life

Love their friendship it's so genuine and natural
10/10 c5 Bepo1401
omg Squalo/Atsuko would be so funny n interesting
so would Mukuro
gotta say tho my favourite still has to be Hibari for the pairing rn
10/10 c3 Bepo1401
I'm kinda hoping for Atsuko/Hibari but maybe Atsuko/Mukuro which would be interesting considering both of them having common experience in reincarnation lol
10/10 c2 Bepo1401
omg Atsuko/Hibari would be great after all her inner monologue about him n how the boxing club n Ryohei n Kyoko already tease her about Hibari
7/23 c11 3DranovDragon
How the fuck can you write that good? It’s like a master piece
7/9 c11 Prince
Fucking baseball gods my ass, KHR manga.
I want Atsuko to give Takeshi a detailed description of what his corpse would have looked like to his dad at the morgue
6/29 c11 Infra
You fanfic is soooo awesome ! *_*
Yamamoto is little yandare for me but its fun ;D
I love HibarixAtsuko but Mukuro and Atsuko is great to :)
6/16 c11 Maryam Clarus
I love how you made everyone more human, it help that it actually made their personality ans action sense. love the story,
6/14 c11 Mortred101
Yamamoto joins the Family (despite what Tsuna claims) and I really ship the Royal pair. Think about it, the Queen of death with the King who offers corpses down at her feet.
A little morbid I know, but I can't help it!
My sense of humour is practically the same only with a lot more sarcasm.
Haha. More please!

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