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for To Dance With Death

7/23 c11 3Dranovdragon
How the fuck can you write that good? It’s like a master piece
7/9 c11 Prince
Fucking baseball gods my ass, KHR manga.
I want Atsuko to give Takeshi a detailed description of what his corpse would have looked like to his dad at the morgue
6/29 c11 Infra
You fanfic is soooo awesome ! *_*
Yamamoto is little yandare for me but its fun ;D
I love HibarixAtsuko but Mukuro and Atsuko is great to :)
6/16 c11 Maryam Clarus
I love how you made everyone more human, it help that it actually made their personality ans action sense. love the story,
6/14 c11 Mortred101
Yamamoto joins the Family (despite what Tsuna claims) and I really ship the Royal pair. Think about it, the Queen of death with the King who offers corpses down at her feet.
A little morbid I know, but I can't help it!
My sense of humour is practically the same only with a lot more sarcasm.
Haha. More please!

6/9 c1 4atalanta108
just finished reading the story and oh my you are really good at this!
atsuko is a nice character,not too angsty and not too cheery,i just so hate characters who think that cuz they know like the entire plot they could magically resolve all problems and live happily ever i like it that you make several povs and not just a main one,makes it easy and rather nice knowing different perspectives.i laughed so hard when atsu waxed poetics about sesshomaru though ive got to admit that when i first started reading the sentence my mind immediately went to superbi bless that smexy smexy man.i so have a crush on all of the antagonists(previous or not) of khr!i so cannot wait for romance even if it isnt end game its fine ,just please add some good old romance i begggg youuuuu!anyone is fine
6/3 c1 goldengirl555
Erika, is that 8027 shipping I see there? This is amazing. I read this all in one sitting and my god I can’t wait to see how this all plays out. I really love that glimpse of atsuko before the memories. It was interesting to see. I do have to say though you keep breaking my heart and then mending it with everything you write. Also o know this is gonna annoy you but when can I expect the other side of the spectrum. I’ve been waiting a few years at this point for it. Oh and that story about skull. That too.
5/29 c11 rikichancute
Omg why couldn't I find this fic sooner. It's sooooo good. I read all 11 chaps in one sitting even though it's already 2 AM here. Thank you. Can't wait to read next chap. And 1 vote from me for Atsu/Hibari cause royal courtship for the win lol
5/27 c2 9OperaEagle IcelynLacelett
I am so sorry? I accidentally pressed the post button before I was ready, so let me just... augment... that review here. *nervous laughter*

Thank you so muuuch for continuing this! I'm blown away by the fact that /I/ managed to be such a motivation. *blushes*

Anyway, as I was saying, I'm not going to assume you read Sonder, but there are so many little similarities it just hurts my heart so much. Depression and masks and the name thing. That's important. (If you haven't read it, it's p similar to this chapter and I think you'd like it!)

Come here, Takeshi, let me give you a hug.

Thanks soooo much for the story! You're an amazing author! :D
5/27 c11 OperaEagle IcelynLacelett
Dhdjalfk /honey/


You've done it again. Oh, gosh, I feel so much for that poor boy. I've /been there/ before, except for the popularity. Just, you know, the "nice" girl in class, a bit eccentric and loud. Wanting someone to deeply connect to, to understand and always be by your side. In that way, I am so, so jealous of Atsuko and Ryohei. Brilliantly written & executed characters, with the wish of that perfect best friend fulfilled through writing.

I'm not going to assume you read Takeshi's chapter in my story Sonder, but /wow/. So many little

Honestly though, Tsuna and Hayato and Takeshi all need so much appreciation and love and healing. The way you write, I'm sure they'll be good for each other. Hayato might have a fit or something at first, but Takeshi /needs them/, and there's no way Tsuna won't be able to sense that. I do wonder about Atsu's reaction? But I think it will be okay. She's got Ryo and the rest of the Boxing Club.

Tsuna's beginning the process of drawing everyone around him into his gravity! Ryohei, Kyoya, Takeshi, Hayato. I dare to hope that Atsuko might be a Lightning. Lightning Guardian? Because she definitely wouldn't be a typical Lightning, but that's not a bad thing.

And I love the bit about Nana you threw in there! That makes sense. My personal headcanon is that Nana chooses to be a housewife, but your explanation here fits. Flipping Iemitsu.

(Yeah, remember when I said it would be a few days? Haha, that was a lie, this only took a few hours bc I hardly put it down. I forgot how much I loved this story. *sighs in satisfaction*)
5/27 c3 OperaEagle IcelynLacelett
Fksjhfk okay so I just have to say YOU UPDATED!
!? ! 1!
I, um. Will reply to that PM soon. I decided the update deserved a full reread! So that's what I'll be doing for the next few days...
Jjsasgklds I just love what you've done /so much/. You were a big part of my inspiration for a story I'm now brainstorming for where Ryohei is Tsuna's first friend in childhood. It's gonna be extreme.
I noticed a few things that I had forgotten/not seen the first time around, so this is eye-opening. (Especially since I somehow managed to miss the "only five other members, and their introductions" thing haha ;)
Anyway thanks so much for this story once again, it's so wonderful! And if course I have to compliment the characterization. You always do so well with that.
5/25 c11 8akagami hime chan
I'm really loving the angst and seeing the main character through other characters' povs. Hahahahah they all see her like a zombie. How's she ever gonna get the D looking half dead oh my God. Will her one true love accept her in her not completely alive appearance or will she get an extreme make over, I wonder.
Great update!
And live is exausting, no need to apologize for taking your time updating this story, love
5/24 c11 3OpalIstas
I kid you not, just a few days ago I was thinking about your stories and decided that I ought to hunt them down to give them a reread. And then. You updated. :D!

Poor Takeshi, he has terrible self-esteem, seeing himself as someone who would taint Tsuna. He should go do more science experiments.
There's going to be such an uproar when the boxing club absconds with Yamamoto Takeshi.

Also, Sky Attraction is terrifying. Ye gods.
5/24 c11 10HoloObssession
I like it, I like how you characterized him.
btw ma vote is for Hibari and Xanxus. really I just can't decide.
5/23 c11 8NatRipper
Ermagawd is so good
You have such a way with words my love, I felt truly sorry for Yamamoto the entire chapter ;;;
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