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8/7/2020 c6 16TheWelcomeStranger
It is a shame this hasn't been updated because you left it on such a cliffhanger! I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way either :)
5/15/2020 c6 8alorindanya
As this story hasn't been touched in two years, I am praying it hasn't been abandoned. I am looking forward to seeing what Sarah is going to say!
4/5/2019 c6 Guest
No i co teraz? . Przeczytałam jednym ciągiem po kryjomu w pracy, wyleją mnie za to . I co ? Nie ma zakończenia? Dlaczego? Wciągnęło mnie to opowiadanie polecone na fb, miałam tylko zerknąć i odłożyć na później a popłynęłam na szeroki bezmiar oceanu. A zakończenia nie ma. Zrób coś z tym proszę
4/5/2019 c6 Margot Grazyna
Proszę pisz dalej, czekam na kontynuację
4/4/2019 c1 BustedBrain
Just reread this again and really enjoyed it. I really think it’s a great story
12/21/2018 c6 BustedBrain
Wonderful story! Loving your writing and very much hoping to see more of this story in the future
10/17/2018 c6 GonePearShaped
Oh, you cannot leave us on such a cliffie! Please please continue!
10/17/2018 c1 Guest
What’s a teddy tree?
4/17/2018 c6 Guest
Please update soon! This is amazing!
4/12/2018 c6 JuJuwana
Wow, the High King is utterly revolting. What a creepy man. Wonder if that's why the high queen is so standoffish and cold..
4/12/2018 c5 JuJuwana
You have me very curious as to why they split. Jareth obviously still loves Sarah, and apparently she feels the same since she's willing to help him. I hope they work it out. Nothing better than a good *sob* love story!
4/2/2018 c6 Guest
Dang, please update soon! Things are getting intense!
4/1/2018 c6 TheThinWhiteDuchess
Anxiously awaiting the next chapter!
3/31/2018 c6 rachel.olsenwilliams
Wonderful chapter and I must agree with a previous reviewer, the High King is a douche! What a slimeball! Don't know yet what to think about all of the Fae and Elves, such a bratty group assembled her both for and against Jareth. Can't wait to see Sarah's testimony!
3/31/2018 c6 1Sazzle76
Glad you have picked this one back up. The High King sounds like a real douche. Can’t wait to see Sarah take the stand : )
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