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1/11 c1 1Stoobi
I love this story sm
12/30/2022 c29 1oliviacat11
Hello, I just wanted to say, this fanfic is super cool! I keep coming back to reread it. I love that there's story going on with the regular cast in addition to the character in the show. I especially love organic Metal and his Realizations(tm) about living life. Actually, I started some fan art of the body-swap chapter! I really should finish and share it sometime...

I would enjoy seeing this update again. But whether you continue or not, I hope all is well with you. Thank you for your work in healthcare! I hope you are making it through safely.

(Reviewing on this chapter instead of chap 30 because I already left a review for that chapter.)
11/29/2022 c1 4Sky Land Sea
I've heard this story may be dead, which sucks. This is the best reaction fic I'll ever read, and it may even be my favorite Sonic fic. It's like Sonic mixed with Mystery Science Theater. I never knew I wanted a formula like that until I read this.
If it really is dead, then I only wish they could've made it to the season finale.
10/3/2022 c1 Horizon The Cat
My favourite react fic in existence, why?
Because it doesn't have some stupidly obnoxious Oc-insert that never shuts up.

More reaction fics should be like yours, this was a great read and didn't make me want to punch something.
Plus the humor wasn't forced or "oh wow look how crazy random I am, much funny", it actually flowed with the story instead being inappropriately mashed together pop-culture references stuffed with irrevelence (wattpad-reacts are the bane of my existence, less said about Gacha, the better.)
9/27/2022 c30 Davidshad
Es injusto que dejes así la historia nisiquiera hemos visco como reacciona shadow a su doble
9/14/2022 c30 Guest
When are you going continue please do!
9/13/2022 c30 What are you
Some kind of heterophobe mixed together with a robophobe?
8/29/2022 c1 fugdug
I don't like Shadow as a GUN agent, it doesn't exist.
8/15/2022 c30 Guest
I’ve read this story, and a few of the others before! They have all been wonderful reads, but I can understand if you happen to have lost interest. Perhaps abandoned them, or just forgot your password. (I’d probably do the same.)
If the case simply that you have lost interest. Then perhaps consider letting everyone know.

I’m a bit concerned. The account itself seems abandoned.
Maybe if I sent a pm, there would be a response. But I do not have an account, and do not currently intend to make one.

If the account has just ben abandoned. Then, that’s fine I think.
In the notes of the recent chapter. There were mentions of working in health care mid pandemic.. Is everything okay?
This might be a little silly, but, uh.

Are you still even alive?
Obviously, if the author is dead they can’t respond.

It would be nice to know if you are alive though, maybe just an authors note. Doesn’t have to be a chapter, or even a hint of story.
It must be strange coming from someone whose never even commented until now.
It’s just, are you okay?
8/14/2022 c30 13Najee
A shame that this was abandoned. It was really good, and I was hoping to see Sonic and everyone (Knuckles, Amy, Shadow, Eggman, Tails, Rogue etc.) react to the Sonic movies.
8/13/2022 c1 Marx
Let me put a random ending to this story.

Classic Sonic shows up riding on a motorcycle and appears to have Yu-Gi-Oh trading cards in his hands.

He plays a music called Clear Mind by Masako Endoh.

He plays a combo deck consisting of mostly Stardust Dragon and its variations.

He destroys the house barrier having all the dragons attack and rides off.

Everyone is amazed and apparently leaves.

This is merely a teaser for a fanfic starring Toon Classic Sonic.
7/30/2022 c30 Marx
If you are not going to subscribe to Marx and Fun, the least you could do is to announce this fanfic as abandoned.
7/27/2022 c30 Lulukulele
*Sigh* Another great fanfic that has been completely abandoned. Shame that some people just aren't committed to finishing their work.
6/19/2022 c1 Marx
Check out my video called "Marx, Kirby, and Susie - A Kirby Plush Video.

My channel is called "Marx and Fun"
6/12/2022 c16 17Logicalillogical
Not going to lie. The whole schtick with Amy being obsessive and lacking self-awareness got old fast. Now whenever I see it, I roll my eyes.
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