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for No Honour Lost

2/23/2020 c1 9kaiidth of ah
Hmm, as someone who really likes Ned, I am nearly offended on his behalf that you dumbed him down so much but the idea itself is really interesting.
8/19/2018 c1 11Akakiru
honor means nothing in war only a idiot dont know that
2/22/2018 c1 jeannette.rothenberger
6/16/2017 c1 Darksnider05
You know Eddard basically never talked about Honor in the books. He was just about family and that was basically it. He'd also never fight a war for the Iron Throne even more so at the cost of Northern blood.
6/13/2017 c1 37jean d'arc
Interesting twist on the Clegane brothers... Sadly...
So Ned has realized what honor really means and in which ways it actually matters... Nice touch naming his son after the one man with honor he had met (before he became a hired thug for the Lannisters)...
6/13/2017 c1 ImpSlapFury
Can we have one universe where Ned is not honor-bound/stupid? If you decide to add more chapters to this, make sure Sandor and Jon are smart. New story- smart Ned, tells Robert and Jon Arryn to go f&#k themselves. Too short, otherwise very good.
6/13/2017 c1 azphxbrd
Good start for a possible story with a good plotline. One problem , your chapter is to SHORT

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