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for Shirou and Ais talk in a dungeon

12/6/2021 c1 Guest
This should be a story rather then a oneshot
1/11/2021 c1 Dasgun
4/1/2020 c1 Guest
Pero qué buen one shot, es muy similar a lo que imaginé XD.
1/11/2018 c1 Guest
Nice. Deserves an Epic not just a one shot.
7/19/2017 c1 6OriksGaming
If this is a one shot, mark it complete.
6/30/2017 c1 wildman9002
This is good how long until cannon? and is Shirou a level 2?
6/19/2017 c1 7StoryReiter
Holy Sword! The parallels! Pun intended. But you really did great and for the first time thinking about it they really do seem like a great pair as comrades and friends of course.
. ahem. I would have love to see more but by the way you wrote this makes it more enjoyable than I think possible. Oh and replace bow with vow just one small hiccup but yah might want to check. Thanks wonderful story and please have a good day.
6/14/2017 c1 The Rupture
Not bad you should start writing more, you got a talent
6/14/2017 c1 Neema Amiry
6/13/2017 c1 1kunai909
Can't wait to see where this goes
6/13/2017 c1 Treant Balewood
I enjoyed this, Thanks for Writing!
6/13/2017 c1 zerodragon
very well done, great use of hero since it hold so much meaning to the two.
6/13/2017 c1 1Frank Horrigan
I like it.

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