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4/22 c1 kelmbu288
if you do a bakugan give naruto a ventus it suits his affinity and sholud give him trox from battle planet
4/6 c10 Jose19
Aquaman on this DC version is too focused on his world true it is commendable but he doesn’t see the big picture.

The Young justice version is much better he acts like a responsible and mature leader while the other one is a hothead and sexist.
3/14 c2 thegrison
Not bad but the 4 fangs swords are silly. It just kills some of the story. Even in Narutos worlds only a couple swords have a mind. Those that do are BASIC & instinct at most. I get why but it hurts the story flow. Why did Naruto pick Batmans home turf. Use another city that has no hero or a small time hero.
2/26 c14 killerssg
I hope to see more chapters in the future. This story has been amazing to read and loving how it is following the the show story line with some different outcomes. Wish we could see him showing interest in someone to date.
1/20 c14 commander 117
Great story,very well done and as for Naruto's harim please find a way to include Hinata please and thank you
1/17 c14 51Poke'boy24
Baby Doll since it would be interesting when Naruto uses the Yang seal on her since there aren't any pairings with her so this would be a first.
11/4/2021 c14 86KristinalUzumakiPrime23
when is chapter 15 going to come out? i am very intrigued on what will happen next, besides the obvious of course, i am really looking foreword to it.
11/3/2021 c14 SlyFox9
I love it. Excellent work. Please update this story soon.
10/29/2021 c14 Shogun lord poke burst
Loving it so far
10/29/2021 c3 Shogun lord poke burst
Keep Diana with Bruce
9/21/2021 c14 Sageofchaos
hope to read more.
9/10/2021 c14 yudhazebba
8/18/2021 c14 PLEASE READ
I hate being that reviewer but I have wanted patiently for over a year for you to update vulpine familiar of zero and I can't wait any longer so I will give you three weeks from today 8/18/21 to write a new chapter of that story or I will put a review demanding an update on every story reviews everyday until you do I only do this because vulpine familiar of zero is my third most favorite fanfiction of all time and I want more content to love also this is the best familiar of zero/Naruto crossover fanfiction ever so please don't think I am trying to be annoying.

On another note I hope you will fix the problems with the relationship between the main characters as I hate how it was portrayed in cannon with not only how bad the girl abused the boy but also how he chose her over the other girls that were in every way better being nicer and more understanding I know it was for comedy but I still hated it, Naruto and Louise but mostly Louise I know Naruto is going to be better than Saito and not act all perverted and creepy when around the other girls or trying to show affection so I am not worried on that note however the main problem is still Louise with how violent she acts to her supposed love interest and how she never tried to talk out their issues I just want Louise to not abuse Naruto like she did Saito even after they got married and I think the best way to fix her would be for Naruto to either confront Louise on her behavior or for another girl like Siesta to start dating him first however this is just a suggestion for how to fix the relationship as it's still your story and I respect that

Two final notes 1. Would you consider writing a watching version of the vulpine familiar of zero story with the casts of both anime watching as it would be funny and maybe give you inspiration/motivation for the main story and maybe teach some of the cannon characters (Louise) some important lessons 2. If you decide to do some lemon/lime scenes in the story which I prey you decide to I suggest using the scenes from the last prayer by Graefoxx and ultimate maken Shinobi by takeshi1225 as a format
7/30/2021 c14 Ruizenban
been a long time since i read something good from this crossover, keep up with the good work.
Cant wait to read more.
7/18/2021 c14 11Neo-Shepard
Harley deserves a second chance. And some Foxy love from Naruto
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