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for The Zenko of the DC

3h c16 8Jebest4781
Pretty nice with how this was done here. Keep up the good work.
8h c16 SlyFox9
Oh man it’s been so long since you last updated this story. Thank you so much hussbek and I’m glad you’re still kicking.
So this chapter is like the Batman meets the TMNT movie, but with the addition of Zenko and Nightwing, and I’m assuming this Robin isn’t Damian but instead Tim Drake. I so can’t wait for the next chapter to be released.
9h c16 temp paleoboy
Will the turtles form there own ninja clan and ally with naruto's if he builds one
13h c16 1buterflypuss
good chap
15h c16 manners
friend this is after the 4 shinobi war

friend naruto is a demigod since he is the reincarnation of ashura the youngest son of the sage of the 6 paths

friend naruto has his divine transformation of sage mode of the 6 paths

friend naruto has rinnegan and sharingan of sasuke
15h c16 carneyjarred
ice i hope to see more and will you do the battle nexus and ninja tribunal arcs plus the the federation and triceraton empire(tmnt 2003) and agent bishop(tmnt 2003) or at least include them from the 2003 series. and will there be any female mutants be added to naruto's harem because i see the the 80's mona lisa and the 2012 apolex being included. i can see naruto getting along with 2003 miyamoto usagi as well.
15h c16 7Dragon Blaze-X
Fuckking Aaaaa been waiting for this one forever man thank you soooo much for updating it man whoooooooo
15h c16 gwb620
Happy to see this updated! Excellent chapter!
16h c16 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent job
18h c16 Samuel Santillan
I like it, good chapter.
This became more interesting, Zenko, the Ninja Turtles, and the Bat Family have formed a team to face this new evil.
It is a battle between those who have been trained to live in the shadows.
Different ideologies about how ninjas are or should be are about to be seen in the next chapters by Zenko and Shreddler.
Naruto will get a new katana soon I hope so.
You can also put Harley and Batgirl in Naruto's harem.
9/24 c6 Jose19
The Thanagarian invasion will reveal his face to the Justice league all of their members did on this Arc.

He will eventually have to because trust will become a issue to other members.

Naruto is not participating on Konoha anymore you are entitled to a personal life but your identity can be given to certain people.

The mask he has will not protect him the government and Cadmus has methods of finding you and technology here is more advanced.

Batman was revealed like I repeated myself who is a brilliant man in hiding his secrecy and Naruto is smart but he is not close to the genius level of Bruce.
9/24 c4 Jose19
Batgirl i don’t think she can pair with Naruto in the comics she pairs up with Nightwing and marries a normal person when she becomes a commissioner.
9/17 c4 Sebastiean
Tbh killer croc had no choice but to be evil its kinda sad
8/22 c15
Great series, cant wait for the next chapter hope its not a long wait :)
7/30 c15 DracoKing30
Really love this story can't wait for new chapters
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