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3/19/2020 c8 36AliceCullen3
10/4/2019 c8 2Speedykitten1643
This story was amazing and still is. I keep coming back to read every now and again. I really hope you'll do the story from Marinette's perspective soon and maybe even a full on sequel to the story that will show how things will go for everyone when Marinette first becomes the Peacock hero. Please come back to this soon
2/6/2019 c1 Blu
That's uhhhh disappointing
11/25/2018 c1 1Link2015
please write the sequel, your story is amazing!
7/4/2018 c8 8Mango Sakaguchi
AGHHHHH please write the sequel soon
4/1/2018 c3 TheFranticPhantasm
Dammit, why couldn't it stick!
11/20/2017 c6 6tsukiyo haruna
Uh I kinda think marinette will be the peacock miraculous holder by the end of this fanfiction
11/20/2017 c8 3Yamina20
I look forward to reading the sequel whenever you're able to get around to it.
11/20/2017 c1 6tsukiyo haruna
I love the work... it’s really nice... lol but I seriously can’t imagine Nino and Alya in the Chat Noir and Ladybug suit...
9/3/2017 c1 plagger111
I'm starting to like the idea of Marinette being a better Le Paon than Ladybug, I think its because of her Beautiful Blue features
7/12/2017 c8 36baau
That was so cute and great and omg i was actually tearing up at the end omh

Great job !
7/10/2017 c8 Guest
Can't wait for the sequel also I learn that the peacock Kwami name is Duusu so just to help you with it's name and loving to see more of Andrien amd Marinette in the Beautiful Blue anyway good luck my friend
7/8/2017 c8 21mayuralover
Oh my goodness, hi! I just got around to finishing this! Almost got lost in all of the stories I follow o.o; this was a wonderful story and I lovely take on Chat Blanc. I look forward to your next work! I hope that she'll tell Adrien right away. Maybe not how she got the Miraculous. Though I would think that he'd fear for her safety.
7/6/2017 c8 Momijifan Low-Ki
A shame I didn't find this story a lot sooner, this was a masterpiece to read.
7/5/2017 c8 Guest
I loved this story and can't wait for the sequel. Is it called beautiful blue or something else? Please post it soon. I really enjoyed this story and can't wait for more.
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