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for Dragon ball:Reborn

5/22/2019 c1 3hevenlydemonknight
Miss this
6/22/2018 c3 1Drake Cross15
I think this story is amazing, I hope you continue it
12/22/2017 c3 2blackshadowpanther
hope you update soon.
11/20/2017 c1 Guest
firt of all, I CAN see the Ichigo we all love as a sayain but only slightly changed and with sayain powers. And second, If you want to write a story about your oc go ahead, but dont try to say its Ichgo with everything changed, you bastard! jk but i was pretty mad
10/13/2017 c1 Guest
Ok, so you said you couldn't think of a way to work him into the plot without changing everything about him, but there are so many ways you could, and if you can't think of one you probably shouldn't be writing at all. Now I'm not saying don't write a story about your oc but don't label it as someone else. ( one way you could of kept him similar would be to keep his looks the same and general personality and you could do that because saiyans have many different hair colors, eye colors, and personality as well as names. And you could just give him dbz powers instead of bleach powers. So there you go ONE way you could keep him similar.)
7/7/2017 c3 TheWolf87
Gine is awesome! Damn Bardock, you need to get to your family ASAP!
7/7/2017 c2 TheWolf87
Lol space duck, great line! Glad to see the strawberry saiyan doing his brotherly duties caz I cant see Raditz babysitting properly.
7/6/2017 c3 Arrankor
I am enjoying this story way more then i thought i would. Ichigo with black hair is not unheard of look at mugetsu. I like that you kept Ichigo's mama's boy personality. I would love to see more of Ichigo's style carry over like perhaps using swordsmanship over hand to hand you did give him a ki sword wich is awsome. As far as pairing Daiko
7/6/2017 c1 TheWolf87
Ichigo not looking like a saiyan, his Mugetsu form begs to differ lol
7/4/2017 c3 3hevenlydemonknight
Vados is cool
6/24/2017 c2 hevenlydemonknight
6/14/2017 c1 1Masked Memory
18 hands down :D
6/14/2017 c1 Guest

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