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for Better Not Be Any Bats

7/13/2017 c3 80peppe1951
Good story, but I was hoping for more
6/18/2017 c3 maclooping
It's funny because i can't remember when Face say this sentence before i rewatch this episodes (before i read your story), it's just a little sentence but you write a really good story from it .So full of fear ! i like who you are write BA (his friendship , his sweetness ) and Face ( the way of the little scared boy still in his mind ) ! it's always a pleasure to read your story!
6/16/2017 c3 23LittleMonkeyDog
Very entertaining story this is. I like how you worked with that line in the episode.
This would be the perfect explanation as to why Face is not to fond of bats.
Nice work !
6/14/2017 c3 24MissEclipse
Very harrowing and emotional flashback. BA summed it all up nicely at the end. Their friendship and comradeship is probably why they all made it through their days in the PoW camps.

BTW - I hate bats! Your description of what happens makes me shiver!

Glad you got the opportunity to finally write this. You did a good job, muchacha!
6/14/2017 c2 MissEclipse
Jeez, I wasn't expecting that! I like how you have given a very different analysis of how Face became an Orphan. Nice!

And Hannibal was right about Face!
6/14/2017 c1 MissEclipse
Great tag-on to SHERIFFS. I'm very impressed that this one throw-away line by Face in this episode prompted you to write this FF.

I love how BA is so matter-of-fact about Face. He never says a lot, but when he does, it usually makes a lot sense and shows how much he cares for the others.
6/14/2017 c3 RobinRedoe
Wow, this was beautiful.
I was so happy to see you uploaded a new story and really enjoyed reading it.
The last chapter really got me engaged, and especially the last sentence was clever.
An indication to Face's later nick-name.
I think it's fun how a story can form from just one little sentence. A pity it's already over ;)
6/13/2017 c3 118katbybee
Fantastic, but so sad...please update soon.

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