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for The Batman (2004) Season 6

12/18/2020 c6 42Soulhope The Wolf
Honestly, I was hoping for some Batfamily civilian moment between Selina, Bruce, and Dick for this chapter at the fair. however, I am glad to see you have updated keep up the good work ).

Note: well unlike B:TAS and the standard line of DC comics the Catwoman of The Batman cartoon never actually has been arrested (that we know of) so well she is a thief there is not a record that connects Selina Kyle to Catwoman. really all she would have to do is a costume change turning the C in Catwoman to a B. and Kate Kane does not reappear in the comics until 2006. However, the Nail a favorite Elseworlds series of mine along with another nail has Catwoman becoming Batwoman.
12/14/2020 c5 Guest
Please make chapter 6 when will it come we been waiting a year. It is getting so interesting
12/1/2020 c1 Guest
More more make a chapter 6 dammit I love it
10/2/2020 c5 Soulhope The Wolf
i am likeing how your portraying deadshot in this, as a hitman with a code and a heart that is three sizes to small but still there.

...it would be kinda funny if bruce and selina got drunk in the next chapter and wound up eloping as its as the last two chapters have been fairly dark. unlike in the comics two do not seem to actually be heavy drinkers so i can see them getting drunk enough to due it with minimum amount of drinks well they disscuse the plans for the field trip. or poison ivy is payed to throw some lust boostinf pharamons at the two to pay for wayne tecks treatment of the envierment. no protection they go elope. mainly cause i love batcat fluffiness as batcat fluffiness is unique in the fuffy realm. its generally them arguing about something well cuddleing in bed or on a walk.

also in the days leading up to the trip it would be nice if Selina had some girl time with Babs and insist that she come with.
alfreid should go with a date in the form of Selina adoptive mother "Dr Lee tombkins" as you could have that lee took in selina off the street for a time. and helped her a bit with her cleptomania
10/2/2020 c4 Soulhope The Wolf
Here i was kinda hoping for the iconic I am vengence speech from batman the animated series. however i liked the bit of wisdom tomas imparted to his son.
10/2/2020 c3 Soulhope The Wolf
Poor babs. poor Deadshot too he may be a bad guy but he is one of the good bad guys so i am glad he chose not to kill gordan in front of his daughter...i hope he puts three in black mask before this story is done...and babs gets to kick him in the pants.
10/1/2020 c1 Soulhope The Wolf
couple of easy to miss speling mestakes that even i have made but other then that a great chapter...cant wait to get to the batcat moments.
9/26/2020 c5 eli.ros6677
why did you never finish it?
8/27/2020 c5 3Rafsolo
please update this. It's so good!
8/15/2020 c5 dcfan52jensen
Absolutely loved this! I’d love part 6 to this
4/22/2020 c5 Guest
Maybe Zucco can turn into two face
10/31/2019 c1 Tyger Hyuga
I liked this.
10/24/2019 c5 14twilightnite13
The plot thickens, How'll they get out of this one?
10/24/2019 c2 twilightnite13
I see Angel Rojas is still a hypocritical jerk and someone who needs to Locked-Up...

THat was great how you had Gordon bring Ethan back to the force. But who is Black Mask going to hire?
9/28/2019 c5 2Neo-Warkid4
I wonder if Poison Ivy will make a return, I kinda liked the shows portrayal of her, as well as her relationship with Barbara, perhaps this darker season will address a few things regarding Ivy, like what happened with her parents after the accident that transformed her and after she was arrested? The second question i keep wondering about the Babs-Ivy Dynamic in this portrayal is does Ivy secretly know Barbara is Batgirl? I mean they were former friends so Ivy could at least recognise her hair, body shape, voice and her gymnastic like moves. What do you think? PM me
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