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for King of the Pit

4/17 c2 nashdragneelbautista77
Please update man
1/31/2023 c2 Guest
Got my attention with this story and then you fucking abandon it after only 2 chapters…great job asshat
12/5/2021 c2 Son of Vesta 16 - 2nd Account
This is a good story so far, the empousa part was a little weird, but if there would have been more it might have gotten better or made more sense to me? I just couldn't really see where the empousa part would be going. But this is a really great story! I wish you would continue...
12/5/2021 c1 Son of Vesta 16 - 2nd Account
God story, sad that it only has two chapters : (
9/4/2019 c2 Dumpster
Good continue
4/18/2019 c2 1SuperIntellectualRedditor
12/14/2018 c2 Tyrone666
Please continue this story
12/11/2018 c2 Raven0900
Interesting concept would like to see this continued
9/27/2018 c2 Scotty
Why would you leave off here and not update for 5 months! Please update!
9/13/2018 c1 5ChronoSeth
Is it really that good making someone evil? Warping reality to make him evil seems forced and demented so bye :)
9/9/2018 c2 ItsJohnCena
Where the fuck are u gonna update!
7/24/2018 c2 6Creature of Grimm
looking forward to reading more :)
7/6/2018 c2 The Primordial of Causality
So what is the pairing
5/18/2018 c2 Hunter the ODG
I couldn't stop laughing at this XP

Thanks for writing this, I FINALLY have another funny fic to read. (about PJ)

Keep it up!
4/29/2018 c2 Guest
You might want to find a way of making it more public that you're still updating stories. I honestly thought you were a dead account until I saw this totally by chance. Chapter was toit.
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