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5/6 c23 Guest
Well, you still need to improve, I am dissapointed that you don't original japanese jutsu names, also, there is thank kami, not thank god.
5/7 c1 panjangya
This got me curious
How many chapter left before sasuke retrieval arc/ shippuden timeline..
5/1 c43 1LOLIMDEAD
Ahhh love love love, cant wait for the next chapter
4/27 c43 Kingsharkanime
Where's kakashi I mean not to nit pick or anything but genin teams don't take missions without at least a chunin or their jonin sensei/instructor
4/24 c43 AvatarUzumaki
lol really loved Naruto in that final scene with the hokage. also its super sweet how he treats Hinata and helps her feel better about herself. looking forward to reading the next chapter
4/24 c43 dejesusdaconceicaothiagobruno
At least. I was worried that you had given up.
4/22 c43 Guest
Thanks for the update!
4/23 c1 Vactican
the animal below me is sakuratard haha its fine if you think hinata is "pathetic" atleast we are not simpimg to a bitch, useless, trash, slut sakura
4/21 c2 Whatever777
Oh man, all otakus' dream, a passive and shy girl in love with you... hinata is a PATHETIC character
4/22 c43 thor94
fun chapter: liked how naruto answered tsunade about respect, like only someone stupid or who never met naruto would dare to give this kind of request to him.
4/22 c43 7Power of Magic
That was a good chapter, and I'm looking forward to what happens in the next one. Lets hope that Naruto can set this kid straight and show him that he doesn't always get what he wants
4/21 c43 panjangya
Finally an update!
Cant wait how their next mission will turn out
4/21 c43 1yeaaaahhhh I read
YES NARUTO roast that child.
Tsunada was spot on with what she predicted would happen but not Naruto solving it easier than most shinobi(hell most daycare workers)
4/21 c43 QueenDeadPool
Thanks for the update _
4/21 c43 5Luffy L Deathwalker
Geez Naruto is going to be in for a headache on this one
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