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6/7 c7 Libra-no-ninja9
I just thought about it, but if Sasuke also deserts to join Orochimaru in this fanfic, it will make a little more sense because here he is the one who could become the third wheel in team 7, where in the canonstory, it was almost Naruto who was third wheel between Sasuke and Sakura, or Sakura between Naruto and Sasuke, hard to say.

Yeah take that Sakura ! It's also interesting to imagine her dynamic with Shino and Kiba if she was in team 8. We know that in team 7 every time she shouted or hit Naruto her never replied, but with Kiba it's different, because he's not the type to let himself be walked on without talking back, and Shino, I can see him trying to give useful advice to Sakura, where Sasuke mostly ignored her
6/7 c6 Guest
I like how NAruto always makes Hinata laugh with his pranks stories _. And it looks like having Hinata on the team even encourages Naruto to include Sasuke a bit more.
Thus their teamwork may evolve in a even better way than canon Team 7 did :)
6/7 c5 Libra-no-ninja9
The "Hinata you're so smart" and "She makes up for your lack of brains" is exactly the kind of comments we could expect in a team 7 dynamic with Hinata
6/7 c4 Libra-no-ninja9
Ah finally a good Kakashi sensei since he was the one who had the idea of exchanging Hinata and Sakura's places among the teams, it changes from his canonical version which was really not so great as a teacher. What else did he collectively teach his genins if not the principle of teamwork and climbing trees with their chakra ? This Kakashi there at least looks much better off
6/7 c3 Libra-no-ninja9
Sometimes in canon it felt like Sasuke and Sakura discarded Naruto, and sometimes it was Naruto and Sasuke leaving Sakura behind, here I'm a little afraid that it will be Hinata and Naruto leaving Sasuke behind
6/7 c2 Guest
Too bad we didn't saw more of Naruto gardening side in the anime and the manga, and yet it's canon that he enjoys it, and if I'm not wrong a novel even revealed that he gave his plants pet names Also I love the "And I'm cuddly" comment from Naruto.
It's a miracle that Hinata didn't pass out after Naruto said she was pretty '
6/7 c1 Libra-no-ninja9
I was really in the need to find and read "what if Hinata was in team 7 instead of Sakura" fanfictions and I'm happy I found yours So far the beginning is good, gladly not a copy of canon and yet still faithfull with some cool variations
And it was nice to see Naruto roast/tease Sasuke for once and making even Hinata giggle XD
5/21 c48 Guest
please continue it D:
5/18 c48 Natzzu277
Apenas me di cuenta del nuevo capítulo, sepa que siempre estoy a la espera de esta historia, tienes un seguidor fiel. Excelente capítulo, espero que el próximo no tarde tanto.
5/12 c48 kinokonoko
What can i say, this is really easy to read. It's really endearing. There's not much heavy plot or unnecesary conflicts whatsoever which i prefer much tbh. The story is good, the romance is cute, the friendship is wholesome, and the slip humor is quiete funny. Thanks for sharing, i'll looking forward for the next chapter!
5/2 c48 AvatarUzumaki
great chapter. but what happened to kushina the night of Narutos birth? and love how Naruto is predictable to those who know him. I look forward to reading the next chapter and Narutos reaction to his father's old home
5/1 c48 WalkersCrown
I'm enjoying this nice cool tale you have right here. Looking forward to the next chapter.
4/21 c47 Sokanas
This doesn't feel right.
"All these folks knew about the fox but still heaped on the hate, I'm going to be their hero!" is fucking retarded.
4/20 c48 xComet4
Cute chapter
4/20 c48 16starfiction123
I swear there is a wanted poster ins dentist office somewhere for me by hope many cavities I have reading this story. IT'S SO SWEEEEEEEETTTTTTT I LOVE MARSHIE! I'm so mad she's not canon! lol I still love the naruina dynamic u have and how it of the box everything is and I adore the way u write Naruto looll I always laugh so hard
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