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for Matthew Turner and the Sanderson sisters

1/18 c13 SmallTownWitchGuy
very good chapter i hope you write another sequel to the story
6/20/2017 c12 wiccancharmedguy
sad ending that was i cry for matthew but great way for a new beginning now Sanderson sister gone are they gone forever or they be back again like they said they will be
6/19/2017 c11 wiccancharmedguy
wow piper power could not break the sanderson sister powerful dark magic is all i could say
with the charmed ones on there tale and sanderson dont know it they are doom like they were
in film what about max and alison spell sarah cast will it be broken soon
6/18/2017 c9 wiccancharmedguy
oh dear this cant be good they found the grimoire i hope phoebe and cole can get to the spell book in time will the power of the charmed ones be able to destory such a dark book like the Sanderson spell book let hope so continue the story
6/17/2017 c7 wiccancharmedguy
oh dear i cant believe sarah would use her song to lure her sons to her so Winnie can have her revenge not good news at all i hope phoebe and cole can get to them in time if not hate to see
what happen next please continue the story
6/17/2017 c6 wiccancharmedguy
very good chapter glad to see Matthew George are still friends you did good job
6/16/2017 c5 wiccancharmedguy
very good did not know cole and sarah had history together and sarah is what matthew step mom that wonderful idea
6/16/2017 c5 Ben
This chapter was amazing I'm glad we're seeing more of the twins powers.
I can't believe that Sarah is the twins mother or is she after all she could be lying I love the fight scene.
Also Bane's new power is really similar to Sarah but is it stronger or weaker I really want to know I can't wait for the 6th chapter I want to see where this fanfic goes.
Will Toby powers advanced and what kinds of powers will there be are they going to be hybrid powers only the brothers can posses?
Also are you planning to put any fluff in with Matthew and his brothers or Matthew and his mother hell even Cole and his sons or even the whole Turner family fluff?
6/15/2017 c4 Ben
Whoa I love this chapter and I love that George and Regina followed Matthew's instruction and now the Turners are after the Sanderson sisters to save Matthew.
Is Cole and Phoebe stronger than those witches and what about the twins you said in the description that their powers will grow how will the play in the fight to come and what is Matthew going to do without his powers and what do the Sanderson sisters plan to do with him?
Also will Sarah's plan will work and can she get the children to find the book and bring it to them and will they become immortal?
Keep up the good work :)
6/15/2017 c3 wiccancharmedguy
oh dear the Sanderson sister are back for revenge once again we know from the film that the source
gave Winnie the grimoire with the life force spell in it does cole knows about the book and the Sanderson sisters with him being the new source and all how will this effect Matthew with no power
to protect his self
6/15/2017 c1 wiccancharmedguy
very good chapter good story you should continue it i also put it in favorite follow
6/15/2017 c3 Ben
Whoa what a cool chapter I love the conversation between Phoebe and Cole.
Matthew is a bit overprotected by Matthew and I kind of like it and Phoebe parenting is the opposite.
I like that Regina lighted the candle and I love how Matthew stood up to them even without his powers and acted fast.
But wow I can't believe Winnie struck Matthew down with lighting Matthew is now trapped with the sisters who know what they do to him.
Regina and George now have to go the penthouse for Matthew parents and brothers help I wonder how they going to react to the situation and what plan they come up with?
6/15/2017 c2 Ben
Nice chapter I like the new characters you introduced so far and they seem to have a certain influence over Matthew.
I wonder who out of the three is going to light the black candle and how will the Turners cope with the Sanderson sisters?
6/15/2017 c1 Ben
Nice opening I feel sorry for Matthew giving up his powers in your last fanfic it can't be easy living as a demon-witch for 14 years then suddenly becoming mortal even if its been 2 years it must be difficult for him.
Hey are we going to see Hayley again after all she is a whitelighter now?

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