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for Grim is the World in Which We Live (CLOSED SYOC)

7/1/2017 c7 2Lightningpanda
Rouge! My darling! You got her spot on! :D There are other interesting characters here that have caught my interest. Well, I certainly can't wait for the initiation test~ I'll be waiting patiently for the next chapter. :) Stay golden!
7/1/2017 c7 LifeisBeautiful17
Yay! I'm glad to finally see everyone's names! I also can't help but wonder if the two weirdos Robin ran into will be his team members, though I'm pretty sure I know the members on his team. All the characters look to be pretty interesting! I wonder how they'll do in their initiation.
Oh no! I hope your arm gets better! I hate it when things like that happen.
Nice chapter, looking forward for next time!
7/1/2017 c7 ZodiacPanic
This was great! The only thing I care about as far as mistakes though is Cally's full name being Eucalypta (rather than tus) but minor details..
There are a lot of r names, makes it hard to guess which will be on what team.
I like all of the characters a lot They all seem pretty diverse and will be fun to see them meet.
Wow, what happened to your arm? I hope it gets better soon!
Good job and can't wait till next time!
7/1/2017 c7 Mind On Fire
I really liked that you were able to include all of the characters in this! I think so far, besides my own, I really like Sakura (I relate to her), Robin (same), Rouge (get it), And Cally (she's just really cute lol).
I hope your arm gets better! Maybe some carpal issues? I tend to get that sometimes.
Anyways, nice job on this! Can't wait to see the initiation! :D
7/1/2017 c7 2ObieSenpai
THREE PETS!? Oh my Sakura is going to have a field day, haha!
I also wonder what conversation that Rojo and Ryke(? I am in mobile, and I already firgot tye German Shepard's bane HAHA) will have with her.
Also, for some reason, either that girl was in love with corn snakes (as Sakura would be more interested in that than the buff guy), and the guy was so pretty that the girl didn't noticethe snake. Oh well.
Also, reviewing thirty minutes befre I leave for AX (Anime Expo), so yeah!
Anyways, can't wait bro!
6/30/2017 c7 41mayurie
Wait, what happened with your right arm to get totally numb like that!? As for mistake, well you wrote the wrong pronouns for Mochi in some part and there's few typos... I think? I just realized this since I'm not that attentive, but there's a lot of name starting with 'R' in here huh XD My attention is mostly on the bundles of nerves Sakura, cool and probably a dragon from her name Rogue, the awesome baseball bat user Richard, and the energetic and bubbly Cally! Need time to remember the others' name... And how did you know about my favorite chip-you're a wizard Harry XD I'm hyped up for the Initiation! Hope your right arm will unnumb soon-is unnumb even a word? It isn't right? Oh well, can't wait till the Initiation and Grimm fighting!
6/29/2017 c6 LifeisBeautiful17
Wow, I didn't get the email for the update, so I;m sorry for not noticing the update till now!
This s a really cool story. I'm glad that there is something like this that are characters know about and move forward with. It's exciting!
Can't wait until next time!
6/28/2017 c6 mayurie
Whoa, so the King attacked the moon-this line make me think of some moon invasion XD It's an interesting idea that someone's wish to end a war actually destroyed a kingdom. I can't wait to see what the characters think about all of this, and of course I look forward when they actually meet for the first time! Good luck writing!
6/28/2017 c6 ZodiacPanic
Whoa, this is really cool. The idea of it being the King's fault that the moon is shattered is interesting, plus this serves at a good basis for moving forward with the story. Nice job, and I can't wait to see the characters meet!
6/28/2017 c6 Mind On Fire
This is really cool- how everything divided and now where it's moving forward. You have me really excited for the next chapter- especially with playing with these ideas and what our characters all think about it
6/28/2017 c6 2ObieSenpai
So the King, most likely in a blind rage, shattered the moon.
Good job bro!
So Vytal was torn to shreds, and this is the story of it since then. I guess?
Anyway, it is alright. Short, but alright. Let us hope you start on the next chapter, hoho.
6/28/2017 c5 LifeisBeautiful17
I like a lot how you went from individuals, to partners, to a whole team. Very nice. It's not hard to tell you had a hard time, and I'm no writer, but I do know that having betas and editors is usually a huge help for people, so if you can think of someone then I think it'll help you out a lot. I think the use of so many characters in a shorter chapter may have been another reason. In the past two, they fought grimm and nemesis, each not being as hard as juggling more characters in one fight scene. It'll be easier when you can refer the characters by name and can separate more on who is fighting who. Good job and good luck on the next chapter! I am reallyyy excited for it!
6/28/2017 c5 ZodiacPanic
I can tell that this part was harder for you. I recommend, if there s ever another chapter or part of a chapter that you feel this way about it then maybe get a second opinion. A friend, someone on ff, a beta.. I do like this team from what I know of them so far! And I do really like that we have their names! I think it'll be easier when everyone is introduced and seeing the teams be formed. But still, good job on this!
6/27/2017 c5 Mind On Fire
Yeah, I admit this was kinda hard to read. I personally think it is because we do not know this team yet, and since they were introduced together it was easy to start confusing who was who (even with the red fang members).
A lot of it was just the flow as well- it'll get better the more you write. All things that are an easy fix for the future and not that big of a deal since you're doing pretty great so far. \I think also when the characters are more formally introduced it'll be easier. I do like how this team seems to be very up-beat and can see them holding the hardcore muscle type. Nice job once again and I can't wait to get the next chapter!
6/27/2017 c5 ObieSenpai
The muscle of Beacon, seemingly written in the future, since teams haven't been formed yet.
I like how you went from individual to partners to team. It was pretty cool.
Dog hating cats, how cliche.
Welp, can't wait until everyone meets. Until next time.
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