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for Grim is the World in Which We Live (CLOSED SYOC)

11/15/2017 c1 41mayurie
Ooh, update! AwesomeIt's so nice to see all of the main cast again, and now they're going on missions! Team Jasmine on an escort mission, Team Opera on rebuilding/protecting mission, and Team Cargo on a Grimm extermination mission! I hope all goes well for them...

Anyways, I'm looking forward to the next chapter and seeing the each of the teams work together on their mission! Can't wait for it!
10/28/2017 c39 LifeisBeautiful17
Yay, another chapter! Ghara and Sakura are really cute. I can't wait to see the other characters though. It's been a while since we've seen some of them.
Awesome job!
10/28/2017 c39 mayurie
I was spoiled, nooo. Nah, it's fine.

Aw, Sakura and Ghara were just too adorable! I'm glad to see an immediate respond of what happened in the previous chapter, and so happy that they're going on a date! Too bad our resident nutcase had to crash the party...

Ghara gonna need to explain what's that about "Yamato" to Sakura... though I don't think she'll push him to. Who knows? But I'm happy to see some actions here!

Hoping to see more of everyone else! Awesome chapter!
10/28/2017 c39 ZodiacPanic
I loved this chapter! Ghara and Sakura are so cute! Plus it's awesome that we're finally getting to the point where Gepetto is getting more involved with the students. Hope to see the others more soon and to see Ghara tell his tale of Yamato.
Awesome job!
10/28/2017 c39 Mind On Fire
Yay! First Canon ship along with some cute moments. Also yay! For some plot with Geppetto.
Hope to see you update again soon!
10/27/2017 c39 2ObieSenpai
I wasn't spoiled, haha!
Aaaand it seems Ghara has mire to his past than most people would think. Mafia maybe?
This was awesome! Hope you post again soon!
10/14/2017 c38 LifeisBeautiful17
Lol, I wonder what exactly Richard and Robin were doing for that to happen. Looks like the world is going against Ghara. I'm sure he might be surprised by Sakura's response later. :D
10/10/2017 c38 ZodiacPanic
Aw, poor Ghara. I can't wait to see how he reacts to her after this lol.
Also it's great to see you updating again! I'm also really excited for this weekend!
Hope to see more team interactions soon!
10/10/2017 c38 Mind On Fire
Dang Ghaea just can't get a break, eh?
It's great to get an update again!
10/10/2017 c38 ObieSenpai
I'm glad to see you're posting again! I need to post a chapter sooner than later. And now my meh day is finally good!
Hope you post again soon!
10/10/2017 c38 41mayurie
Gharaaa...! Poor guy is too nervous for his own good when facing a girl he truly like XD But seriously, that last scene was just hilarious! And I'd be worried if I were Sakura, but I guess that's just normal in a world where teenagers fight daily. If Cally and Sakura are seriously going out with Pewter and Ghara respectively though, then Jazpeer and Moegi are gonna be left alone by their partners XD
9/21/2017 c37 LifeisBeautiful17
Another cute interaction and a nice bit of a psycho man who just kind of makes me sad now. I can't wait to see him in action against the students, and I have to admit I'm a bit worried about how Pewter and Cally's date is going to go with a mad man coming into the picture soon.
Anyways, It's great to see this story back!
9/20/2017 c37 ZodiacPanic
Aw, what acute interaction with Pewter and Cally, also Team OPRR trying to help him out was funny. I feel bad for Geppetto now, seems like dealing with him will be pretty hard, but I can't wait to read it!
9/19/2017 c37 Mind On Fire
hmm, I wonder what "team stuff" Cally was going to be busy with, but that was really cute! Oh, and it's soooooo good to see you updating again! It's great to get more about Geppetto too, lots to look forward to soon and I am pumped up again!
9/19/2017 c37 mayurie
Half fluffy romance and half plot seriousness. Just perfect for an update!

I love seeing Pewter so nervous about his first date with Cally, he's so cute! Hope that Robin's parents won't make him more nervous haha. Hm, now I wonder if Cally got a first-date-nervousness as well...

Geppetto is being creepy, but at the same time I feel super sad for him. Poor guy just wants his wife and son back. But that aside, that fun fact is a well-thought idea! Awesome!
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