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for Grim is the World in Which We Live (CLOSED SYOC)

8/2/2017 c30 Mind On Fire
Dang, part of me wonders if the headmaster is a bit of a pushover, or does Galena have powerful parents?
Poor Nickel. I gasped at that progression with his father.
Nice backstory for him!
Can't wait until next time!
8/1/2017 c30 2ObieSenpai
*groans* Come on headmaster, your better than this. Use that sharp wit of yours. A couple of rich people shouldn't hold that much sway over an academy built to train heroes. Perhaps other people should come and wreck their stuff.
And NICKEL! OH NO! The fact that he calls family a joke, oh...I want to say something, but I feel like you are already planning on doing it. Poor Nickel.
Well, let us see how screwed up Jazpeer is. Then exams! Yay!
8/1/2017 c30 41mayurie
Ugh, Galena always made me pissed. What's her father's job anyway? A politician of some sort? And poor Nickel, I'm cheering you on your way to become a great Huntsman boy! Go for it!
Jazpeer next? Alright, can't wait for it!
8/1/2017 c30 ZodiacPanic
Dang Galena, reminds me of a few people from highschool lol.
Whoa, poor Nickel. The angst is real with that boy. I like seeing how far he's come since then in the bits that we've seen him!
8/1/2017 c29 ZodiacPanic
oooh, so she moved in with her other family. I'll guess like the rest that her parents died.
But that Richard X Onyx moment though..
I'm sensing a nice slow burn for those two, they're really cute!
On to the next since I've come back with two new ones!
8/1/2017 c29 mayurie
Whoohoo update! So I guess Onyx's parents were dead, since she's moving in with her relatives. But aw, that was a sweet moment between Onyx and Richard! Loved it!
Anyway, awesome chapter! Can't wait for Galena's and Nickel's backstory and also the tests!
8/1/2017 c29 LifeisBeautiful17
Whoa, I didn't get an email for this chapter.. Hate it when ff does that..
But wow, seems like Onyx has a "fun" back story.
I assume her parents were killed, since she's moving in with her aunt and uncle, how old was she in that flashback?
Also cool that her aunt's name is Crystal and her cousin's Pearl. I sense a rock pattern in her family.
Super interesting though, and I now ship her and Richard.
"for the first time Richard didn't seem like the most annoying member of her team" wow Onyx can't wait to see you fall in love with him lol.
"That's what teammates are for" boy you got something comin for ya
Anyways, awesome last background for the submitted ocs. Can't wait to see the combo and the tests! I look forward to next time!
8/1/2017 c29 Mind On Fire
This was super cute! Short but sweet, and you're doing great with Onyx! Also yay for being right about her and Richard! Very cute.
Can't wait till next time! :)
8/1/2017 c29 2ObieSenpai
Oh god not tests!

Multiple backgrounds. I like it. Tests, not so much.

Anyway, liked the short and sweet stuff. Hope you post again soon!
8/1/2017 c28 LifeisBeautiful17
Length is no matter, I'm just glad you're still trying to update.
Anyways, I think the bounty hunter thing with his pas is pretty cool, though is that more of a flashback in the beginning? I wonder if we'll be seeing Typhon again- or is Ghara Typhon?
7/31/2017 c28 41mayurie
Hooray for update! *cheer*
Bounty hunter sounds really interesting, so I'm curious to find out more about that! It looks like Ghara is now used to his teammate, that's good.
Ooh, theater performance sounds so cool! And if you're tired then you should rest! I definitely want a rest now, but unfortunately I'm at school... *sob*
Anyway, looking forward to the next update!
7/31/2017 c28 ZodiacPanic
I'm just glad to get an in update again, but I feel ya, so take the time you need. I really think Ghara's past is interesting and I wonder if you plan to include the whole bounty hunter idea more into the story- it would be pretty cool.
Well, that's all I got to say
Can't wait until next time!
7/31/2017 c28 2ObieSenpai
Well, nice to see something. I'm actually about to write a chapter of one of my fics right now.
Bounty hunters, ahhh, I feel as if they are kind of cheesy in this fandom, and there has been no mentions of actual bounty hunters in the world of RWBY, at least as far as I know. I don't know if I like the idea.
In my eyes, I feel like bounty hunters and huntsmen are like enemies, or like the division between good and evil. Huntsmen are driven by justice, while bounty hunters are driven by greed. I don't know how you will deal with it.
7/31/2017 c28 Mind On Fire
Whoa, bounty hunters eh? That's super cool and angsty, I can't wait to see more about this!
And I don't blame ya for the performances. As an ex colorguarder, I feel ya.
Glad to know that's what's been going on though!
Yay! one more history and I'm super excited for it! :D
7/24/2017 c25 2WhiteHybridPheonix
I hope you don't mean that Cloud lost her sight this way. She was already born blind. Also, I'm sorry I'm taking a while with the team! Uni and family issues is keeping me busy. Deep apologies for it!
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