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for Grim is the World in Which We Live (CLOSED SYOC)

7/24/2017 c27 LifeisBeautiful17
It's cool that you posted so many to catch up over the review limit! I'm glad to see this story update again :)

I really liked all of the characters and their aren't much more to cover are there? It's cool that Pewter's famous and how much it means to him that his team treats him normally. Also I love how you did with Robin and his parents in their lil cafe.

I like Cloud's history a lot. I know how it feels for someone to die while you're on bad terms, it's a tough thing to get through.
Cally is so cute, I am glad she had a happy childhood.

A rushed review, but I gotta go to work :P
7/24/2017 c27 ZodiacPanic
Whoa, so many at once! I'll review them all on this one to make things easier.

So Pewter's famous. Cool! I wonder what he did- actor? The Relentless Bulwark sounds like a wrestler's name. Love this team's interactions.

Moegi is cute- it's cool to see how she learned about the racism and how she grew from her lesson.

Poor Cloud, I feel ya with parents not agreeing with your career goals. Then to just lose them? dang.

More team Opera interactions! I love Robin's parents.

Also Cally! Awesome job with her in this part! I like Nickel a bunch too!

All awesome chapters and can't wait until next time!
7/24/2017 c27 Mind On Fire
oooh so that's what Richard meant when he said that Pewter was just a famous guy that didn't want to be famous. It's cool that they are all trying to actively get to know eachother.
Poor Richard. He never gets a break lol.

So Moegi's half faunus. oh and she is meeting Ash again! That's so cute!

Cloud's backstory is interesting. I feel bad that she lost her parents, I wonder where her brother is now..

More OPRR shenanigans. Robin's parents seem really cool!
And I usually try not to ship my own character until it's established, but I'm getting an Onyx x Richard vibe.

Aw I just love Cally. I like that she has a simpler history. I can't imagine anything angsty with her.

Yay for updates!
Can't wait until next time!
7/23/2017 c27 41mayurie
UPDATEEESSSS! I've been waiting for any update from this site for hours, so I'm really happy that you updated! And we continue with the backstories!

So Pewter is famous, that's amazing! I wonder if there's someone in Beacon that will recognize him and fangirl/boy him later XD And as always, Team Opera's interaction with each other is always hilarious XD

I'm squealing just by imagining my girl when she was little, that was a very adorable chapter right there! And now I kinda ship Moegi and Ash, even though I don't know much about him XD

Cloud's was quite surprising, I didn't expect her to argue with her parents before their death. But it's understandable that every parent just want their kids safe instead of out there fighting Grimm. I'm also glad that her brother is safe, cause that way she still has family left.

I'm combining Robin and Cally together, since there's not much to say. I'm happy that both of them had a happy past! The cafe sounds great, and I can see that it's indeed going to be a great day for them! And what's this!? Another ship tease!? You are evil, now I can't decide which are better from the ship teases you gave us so far *sob XD

Anyway, no need for guest review now yay! That was really great, and I'm happy that I can read something fun when I'm at school now XD Can't wait for the next update!
7/23/2017 c25 2ObieSenpai
Interesting, so that is why the weapons in the show don't break.
However, that must only be true if the user is holding the weapon, but I guess the aura become frailer if stretched out.
But in a world filled with all different weapons, I would have a good arguement that a gun is deadlier than any melee weapon. One, more accurate, two, bullets move fast. Even with increased speed and reflexes, people can't dodge something moving faster than the speed of sound. Three, bullets hit harder than some weapons, unless you are really strong and swing a freaking sledgehammer, which I guess 5 foot tall girls can do. But four, a gun has a much longer range than, say, a ten foot long whip.
For deadliest weapon, I thought you were going to do something like a minigun, which I would nominate as the deadliest weapon.
But hey, your story, won't argue with the logic you are using. I would be surprised if a whip came out of nowhere. So I guess there is that.
7/23/2017 c27 ObieSenpai
A quick and simple chapter, and despite the lack of a dramatic backstory, with how Cally's personality is, I'm glad there wasn't a whole lot of it. Actually seems to fit her.
And then there's Nickel. I wonder if he taught his team the code as well, would make a sweet communication code for covert missions.
Though I feel like the disabled people have semblances that PERFECTLY counteract their disability, as if replacing it. I don't really like that about disabled ocs in this fandom. Plus, with how it is discribed, it seems as if there is no limit, and how I would be triggered if it ends up being an "aura costing" limit.
Though I guess that means both semblances are what I would call passive, so I guess the technical drawback is that they can't directly control it, like Sakura's.

The author already heard this spiel from me, but I have developed a rough theory about semblances, which he may or may not be using for this story (hell I don't even know).
There are two different types of semblances, active and passive.
Active semblences are the most common. They take form like Ruby's "Speed Boost," Weiss's "Glyphs," Blake's "Mirages," and even Pyrrha's "magnetism." These semblances are controllable, but they are like physical traits, like running and jumping, so they SHOULD require stamina to use. For example, (before silver eyes) if Ruby uses her speed boost too much, she could get cramps in her legs. The cramps would, however, be nullified by the expenditure of her aura, which is why a lot of people mistake aura consumption as a limit for semblances.
Now moving on to the second category, passive semblances. These include semblances like Yang's "rage" and Qrow's "bad luck." These semblences are cool, since they are more like buffs, so they don't require physical activation. However, this doesn't mean that said person can control this type of semblance. For example, Qrow's semblance is "bad luck," which pretty much gives everyone near him "bad luck." However, he can't choose which people will and will not get bad luck, nor can he give some one more bad luck then another. Each person that could get affected gets affected the same way, and Qrow CAN'T TURN IT OFF (directly, at least). This is another drawback that people with passive semblances.
Now what about the famous "silver-eyed warriors," what makes them so special? I beleive the answer is their semblences. ONLY AFTER THEY HAVE AWAKENED (Ruby's eye explosion in the last episode of volume three), silver-eyed warriors are able to use their semblences FOREVER! So Ruby can use her speed boost without suffering fatigue, and therefore her aura doesn't decrease. I haven't formed a complete idea for silver-eyed warriors with passive semblences, but I have theorized that they either are able to control it to some degree, or the effects are increased.

Sorry for the spiel, long day at work. So expect stuff like this to happen after said day. If anyone wants to talk about my semblence theory, feel free to pm me, and we can have a discussion.
7/18/2017 c22 Harukawa Ayame
First guest review, since you can only review a chapter once! And since it's a nice double update from you, I shall do my double review-is what I like to say, but I'm too sleepy now hahaha...

So Rojo's parents got killed by the Red Fang and he wants revenge? I wonder if anyone in the school is connected to the Red Fang somewhat-if he knows about it, that'll be nasty. And Rye is cute XD

For Sakura's we've already seen it on the trailer except for the parent part on the end-which makes me confused. Where was her parents when all of her pets got killed? Did they went somewhere for a job or something?

Aw, and Ghara was so cute and that was quite unexpected for me! I guess Sakura left a deep impression when she ignored him for Naga haha XD

Anyway, great character development chapters! Looking forward to the next one!
7/17/2017 c23 LifeisBeautiful17
Yay for a team breakfast!
I like Pine a lot.. If he were a main character I'd ship him with Onyx, he seems to like her.
Aw poor Jazpeer was nervous, glad he likes them all, even if they don't agree on things it's cool that they can continue forward on topics.
Can never have enough character interaction! You did great with that this chapter.
Seems like there's a lot to look forward to! I Can't wait until next time!
7/17/2017 c23 ZodiacPanic
It's cool that they are bringing up topics to discuss at each breakfast they have. Also cool that they're uniting to defeat Galena. I really like Pine too, seems like a pretty cool person.
I feel for Jazpeer being nervous at forst, glad he gets along with them all well.
Can't wait to see the other character chapters!
And can't wait to see what Zaff and Sterling have planned for them all!
Great job as per usual, looking forward to next time!
7/17/2017 c23 ObieSenpai
In the case of bullying, ignoramce is NOT bliss.
That only envourages them.
Yet it us the best decision.
To be honest, as the headmaster, I would expel her, no matter if her parents are rich. "Perhaps you should have sent her to a manners class with all of that money."
Besides, she would then be seen as a disappointment to her family. That means bye bye future.
I felt the best decision was to report and lock down, but that is just me.
I like Pine, seems like a limberjack buddy kind of guy.
So Jazpeer and family are beat cops withthe doughnut and coffee. Hooray!
Liked the chapter. Hope you post again soon.
7/17/2017 c23 Mind On Fire
It's nice to see the leaders interacting! I like that they want to work together to stop Helena rather than just take their abuse. Pine seems cool too! This was a great chapter and I'm looking forward to the other character ones!
7/17/2017 c23 41mayurie
Aw, Jazpeer social circle is getting bigger now XD Well he does bring a good point about Galena and her team, but it still sucks that we can kick their butts like Pine said...

End of the semester? I hope everyone is prepared for the test. Now that I really think about it, I don't know who's smart and who's... less smart? Oh well, we'll see at the tests XD

Great chapter! It's nice to see the team leaders hanging out together and discussing stuff XD Can't wait for the next update!
7/16/2017 c22 ZodiacPanic
Nice to get some more information on Richard! I can't wait to see the other characters!
I wonder who that friend was, and if we'll be seeing them any.
I can understand wanting to be alone, but maybe keeping it a secret from Pewter and Onyx isn't the best idea, maybe they wouldn't get as mad at him.
Ah, brother issues.
Even though it's short, it still lets us know more about him, so that's awesome!
Great job
and #author's space I guess?
7/16/2017 c22 LifeisBeautiful17
Cute chapter! I like seeing how Richard thinks of his team, I'm glad he has Robin to trust at least.
Nice little bit with his brothers too! I wonder what their age differences are? Either way, I have some older brothers too and they can be a pain lol.
Good reasons for why he wants to be a hunter too.
Nice short background for him! I find myself liking him more as a character now!
Until next time! :D
7/16/2017 c22 Mind On Fire
Well, that explains why he's so hard to wake up Lol.
I relate with liking to be alone though..
Aw, brother issues, I can u understand that as well lol
Well, this was another good chapter! And for 0b13 ...
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