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for Grim is the World in Which We Live (CLOSED SYOC)

7/14/2017 c19 2ObieSenpai
Damn, that is one hell of a good fairy tale.
I was shocked when I saw that it was her heart. My mouth was so agape a freaking plane could fit in it. Good job.
And so the curse will come how? Since it was the king who broke the moon, will the moon cole back together? Maybe? We will see.
7/14/2017 c19 41mayurie
Whoa, that was both tragic and just... sad. I feel so bad for both the queen and the enchantress. Giving false hope to a maiden in love is a big no no with capital n! Wait wait, the King of Vale already died right? So will the enchantress exact her revenge to the current King, or maybe one from the King's bloodline...

Oh oh, don't tell me. Jazpeer is his grand grand grand grandson XD Yesss, and Nemesis is the embodiment of the enchantress' revenge! Ooh it's so fun to form a theory like this haha XD
7/13/2017 c18 mayurie
Hooray for team bonding! We have passed the awkward weeks, and now we shall see more fluff about everyone! It's nice to see Sakura and Jazpeer talking freely with their teammates now XD

Ooh, speaking of which, did Team Opera bought their goldfish yet? I want to see Go Do Your Homework haha. And I guess I'll try my hand on the silver-eyed student!

Anyway, great fluff filled short chapter! Can't wait to see more bonding XD
7/13/2017 c18 2ObieSenpai
Oh poor Cally, uno not your game.
While apparently Jazpeer is master at uno.
End of the month already huh? Well celebrations are fine by me.
I guess if the other three trained all their lives, Sakura technically had mire culinary experiance.
Good, short chapter. I liked it.
7/13/2017 c18 LifeisBeautiful17
Whoa, I'm surprised that you skipped forward some in the story, I wonder if the teams know each other any better or if they've been focusing on getting to know their teammates. Liked this interaction a lot though! I just sent in my silver eyed oc as well!
7/13/2017 c18 Mind On Fire
This was a cute chapter! I played uno just yesterday lol- it had been years.
Great! I am really excited to send in my oc!
7/13/2017 c18 ZodiacPanic
Yay for fluff! I'll get that app right to ya in a bit!
7/13/2017 c17 LifeisBeautiful17
I love how you always update so fast, shows how much you really love this story imo.
Also it's longer! Yay for that!
I know it's been asked and I loved how random it was but where did that cat come from lol?
That fight was good! It was nice to see the different povs of both teams!
Aster seems pretty cool, and it'll be fun to hear about things that fourth years are doing if you plan on showing him and his team any more.
Yay, Sakura and Jazpeer are going to do better, gets a lot of the tension out of the air for the team.
I can't say I shipped them, but I can understand those who did. Glad to at least have you not try to make us think they were gonna be a couple. I have other ships on my mind that I've been trying to place. I also can't wait to see the real ships of the story!
Sweet chapter!
7/13/2017 c17 Mind On Fire
ooh I had a feeling you would update last night but alas I cannot stay up late well lol.
I like professor Sterling a lot! He seems to be dramatic lol.
Hurray for flaying cats!
Part of me wants to be iffy about Nickle but I can't deny that interaction there was cute. A possible ship. unsure yet.
Oh, so one of Cally's brothers is a student. That's fun. He seems pretty chill. I wonder what his advice was going to be.
I'm glad that Jazpeer and Sakura made up and the team can lighten up some.
yeah, I love it when guys and gals can be just friends. Brotp anyone?
I'd love to see the teams interact more with each other, but I know you already have plans for that kinda stuff.
Awesome chapter! Can't wait to see next time!
7/13/2017 c17 ZodiacPanic
lol where did that cat come from XD Sterling doesn't come across as a cat person to me lol
Nice fight! I think that one was done better than Cargo's intro team when you had a few issues there, so yay for improvement!
Aster my sweet summer child- glad to see him a bit!
I'm glad to see Jazpeer's character start to turn around some and get to know and gate along better with his teammates.
I was a fan of this one! 10/10 recommend.
7/12/2017 c17 ObieSenpai
Oh ho ho, my heart! The strings are being pulled!
Plus I think tgere are people here who don't care if YOU aren't shipping Sakura and Jazpeer, abd will do so anyway.
Haha! Eat cat you female dog! Trying to teleport!? Still, whose cat was that? Embarrassiiiiing...
So Aster, Cally's brother, made an appearance. He seems like a nice guy.
Also, Cloud and Nikolas(?) seem like a great pair, the disabled ship here. But aura catching? The hell is that? Is it like thermal vision, but instead of seeing the thermal signatures ahe sees the aura colors? Hmmm...guess she is intuitive.
Well, seeing how Aster made an appearance, I have an idea regarding Sakura's lige. I'll PM you ut when you reply to this review.
Great chapter, longer too. Plus!
7/12/2017 c17 41mayurie
Hooray for fast update! You're awesome! Team Galena's semblances was really interesting, and I wonder where did that tabby come from XD It was also nice to see Team Jasmine's fighting style. And to see them kick ass haha!
There's an addition to Cloud's friends! Oh, and didn't expect that Cally's brother was a fourth year here. Yay for partner bounding! To be honest though, I'd like to see some more interaction on Team Jasmine as a whole! With how Mochi is always with Sakura, I'm quite worried that people gonna forget who his real owner is XD
Anyway, can't wait for the next update!
7/12/2017 c16 LifeisBeautiful17
Ah, I am looking forward to seeing more jokes from cloud about being blind.
Ghara, your snake is cooler than you.
Looks like Galena's gonna be a fun group in the story. She herself seems pretty whiny and I can't wait to see them all fight!
Nice burst of inspo! I enjoyed!
7/12/2017 c16 ZodiacPanic
I admire Ghara's confidence, though I think he may be a bit wrong lol.
I am ready to see Galena and Jasmine fight, looking forward to some action!
Great chapter! I don't have much more to say, so until next time!
7/12/2017 c16 Mind On Fire
Lol Snakes are better than men. If ghara wants to get the ladies, he'll have to leave it behind :P

Galena went from 0 to 100 real fast. She can go drown herself in a lake.
Her team is a bunch of cowards, I bet they'll fight in combat.
Nice chapter and props for a fast update!
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