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for REVERSED Batfamily oneshots (Abandoned)

8/18/2019 c1 RichardGrayson Robin-Nightwing
Great story but why is Tim red wonder instead of Red Robin?
7/27/2017 c1 32powerrangersfangirl22
Can you please write another one? It's amazing .
6/16/2017 c1 k
This was really good, and if you take requests you could do a oneshot of Wally and Robin dating, and his brothers being really overprotective of Robin, and their reaction's of them dating.
6/16/2017 c1 3French LiberTea
really god i like the chapter
could do one with an overprotective jason
or a birdflash one
or one where the brothers get kidnapped
6/16/2017 c1 30elisuni
Very nice, I did enjoy it! To find a beta, you just find a writer that you like (one that has good grammar and stuff), and see if they have a beta profile. They'll have an option to look at it at the top of their profile. Then you send them a PM in request, they say yes, and BAM! Voila! In the meantime, keep up the great work!
6/16/2017 c1 HadesHera
I like the premise of this fic although there are a lot of spelling and grammatical errors. I have a promptLeague of Assassins want Dick (Damian trained him and the fact that they want to best Court of Owls (comicsbut his brothers rescue him or if you are not that his familiar with comicsSlade (Deathstroke) kidnaps Robin to be his apprentice and his brothers have to fight against Robin (can either be angst or hurt/comfort or both). You do not have to take these prompts if you do not wish to do them.

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