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7/6/2020 c3 Hiraya1998
Yer a wizard, Shin-chan :3 hahah cant resist commenting that haha
12/3/2018 c6 34Thrushsong k'Varis
...omg him too? are they all magical detectives now?
10/16/2018 c3 4meladi1
Yer a wizard, Shinichi xD
2/25/2018 c9 2Astrido
hm.. fantastic story, but i'm not sure what to think of the shinichi kitsune.
if he is the master, then he should influence the familiar, not the other way round.
anyway, kaito is cute.
1/2/2018 c9 cheesecat98
That was brilliant! I love it so much~ by the way, do you intend for this to ba a kaishin fanfic or just friend? Because having such a deep bond with one another tends to negate possibility for outside romance :/ or at least that what I think. Either way keep up the good work \( v )/
12/7/2017 c9 29BloodiedCoreOfHope
Heiji and Ran’s interactions were fun to read and I liked how carefully in character they are, but for some reason that scene seems to be lacking luster for me. Maybe because of all the high paced action you’ve been puffing this story full of, or maybe because of how fragile they seem to be written, but that’s a problem with KKR too, I suppose… That scene was nice, but not the most shining moment of the chapter.
Ran’s internal thought process was done well, but once again. Luster. Maybe I’m just having an off day today and not being able to read cheerily but I promised you I’d review tonight. Also, yall. Doesn’t it need to be y’all as it’s an abbreviation.
Oh. I’m rambling.
Kogoro being all drunk and hungover or whatever made me smile, so realistic and it completely shifts the mood in a good way- I mean, you kill it straight after with Ran being all worried over Shin but eh. It was awesome.
And what are you doing Rannnnnn. : ( Ran seems to be doing the typical thing here, and moping then being reassured by herself about Shin-chan being away. : ‘ (

Scene transition with a sneeze? Interesting… ‘dark thoughts’ is a scary way to put it though. Setting the scene is done well, and I like the nod to it being a kid hideout. Ahhhh, and then you make it obvious in the next para. Rest in Peace, subtlety.
Geh, and I know this is just them being all natural and trying to make the most of their powers and be chill but… : o The conversation about a scent makes me think Shin’s treating Kai like an animal. Not nice, even if I know they’re just doing normal fox and wizard stuffs and that’s probably not how it’s meant.
Ooooh, thought trail jumps into memory lane. Don’t know how I didn’t notice this the first time, even if some of the imagery is too awkwardly or literally phrased for me it’s absolutely bloody amazing to imagine.

Awww : o Baby kai is so cutely written and the parental fluff is nice to read.

Fox fire Hmmm? Thank you brain, and thank you neko for writing this.

: (
And red and black, the reverse of the red fox’s colouring seems a little too OC ish too me. SO many red and black OCs out there. Makes one think of Emos…

Draven yay! : ) I like seeing Draven, he’s like the annoying teaching assistant who is always there to poke you into shape but can’t be bothered to deal with you really. Kinda like Shouta Aizawa, I guess?

Urk! Shinichi by the scruff (…) Conan in his mouth? Name changes Neko and Mist, be consistent. :

End of chapter- and there was a glance into Shinichi’s magic? :/ Guess I missed it.
7/10 I’d say.
(I wrote this in a word document as I was reading it, that’s why it’s so long…)
11/29/2017 c9 16Ordalie Gwynfyd
Cool, an other chapter !
I was really sad when I was reading about the memories... even if they're happy, it remains some nostalgia.
The "fox-isation" of Conan was a bit unexpected. To be honest, I think myself the reason has to be really convincing... Even if Conan is Kaito's human and a wizard, he's a HUMAN, after all.

Heiji totally lost in the story x) it was very funny to read. "Did you really just kidnapped yourself bro ?! What is the purpose of all of this ?!"
11/25/2017 c3 27The Symbol of Faith
Well, I can understand Shinichi's shock XD Not everyone wakes up to a fox flicking its tail at you...

"if we have to do something you wouldn't expect to get into my house" - this sentence needs a comma between "expect" and "to". Seems a bit incomplete without.

When in doubt, go to the witch. Yup, perfectly sound plan - why though? I mean, I never get it why Shinichi doesn't insist on telling Haibara. If there's something wrong with the human body, wouldn't a scientist who deals with such stuff be better at it?

Now, THAT I was not expecting.
Okay - going to Akako was a good plan. This is certainly got to do with the supernatural!
A kitsune and a wizard! Wow...guess that's why Shinichi didn't fall prey to Akako's charms? Becuase as a 'wizard' he's got his own bit of magic? Just like Kaito has his...whatever...(no idea what Kaito has, actually, apart from a stubborn streak a mile long :P)

What I'm wondering is Chikage's deal with this. What does she know? And how the hell is Shinichi a wizard? If you're familiar with Harry Potter, is he a 'muggle-born'? Half-blood? Pureblood?

Hmm, curiouser and curiouser...

Good chapter though! Akako was spot on! Chikage though, seemed a bit off - this is her son, she could have shown a bit of sympathy [actually, I take that back. Neither protagonist has a decent set of parents when it comes to the 'parenting department' *grumbles*]

9/30/2017 c8 29BloodiedCoreOfHope
This was an enjoyable read, but I am finding myself spotting a few moments that have confused me, Kaito's shift in attitude to Draven most prominently. The scenes were well laid out, and pleased me to see them, as they promise great potential for the future scenes.

Avoiding the murder on the train was nice to see also, so many thanks are gifted to you for sparing an innocent nonexistant person's life in favour of Draven.
9/24/2017 c8 Ai Huiyuan
Nice chapter I like how Hakuba and Akako exchanged information. Will Hakuba find them? What are his true intentions? What he would think about Conan? I am curious about his reactions.
However I am glad Draven found them.
I am looking forward to the next chapter.
9/21/2017 c8 ShadowIncognito
Ah this was such a tricky chapter, but you made it through it and for that Im greatful :D

Got to love the dynamics/bonding continuing to develop between Kaito/Shinichi. Like it or not they are really in this together at this point. They still see eachother in a bit of a distant light, but as they grow as friends so too does their familiar bond (Though Im with Hakuba sometimes you have to question who the "Master"is in the relationship. Kaito certainly is free in his will)

You continue to do a brilliant job with Akakos characterization. Shes honestly self absorbed (and still obsessed with making Kaito her own much even to our dear Dravens chagrin) but clearly cares about Kaitos well being. Hakuba should definitely note it is NOT a good idea to cross a witch. Hunter could easily become the hunted and if so he would have a serious battle on his hands.

Ah the train antics. Got to love the banter between Kaito/Shinichi even if in the end the "tales of childhood" were left untold in order to replace them with more Draven antics. Would still love to see a new "Childrens tale" about Shinichi/Kaitos travels. If the inspiration ever sparks you Id love to see it.

As is Draven is just such a fascinating character. Hes almost a plot device himself but hes useful for what he does and his character is just so darn lovable. He makes this chapter all the more exciting/interesting to read.

Certainly I can see Kaito going off on him at some point over how foolish it was for him to follow them/how they dont need a babysitter despite their current appearances. Still I think he and Shinichi will be far too caught up in other things to care atm.

Well this chapter certainly served its purpose as a transitional chapter. Again you did a wonderful job balancing things out here. Until next chapter ;)
9/18/2017 c8 16Ordalie Gwynfyd
Thanks for this new chapter !
I loved the converstaion between Akako and Hakuba. I'm wondering is Draven will talk about it with Kaito and Conan, though. (And I'm like you, I'm going to very like him, I love his character :p)
9/17/2017 c7 Guest
I adore this idea. They're so damn cute~! Also fun and shenanigans and plot...

Now the questions include, how do a pair of children traveling alone keep safe sheltered and unnoticed? And is this far enough into the MK timeline for Hakuba to maybe be a little more inclined to help than to hunt Kaito?
9/17/2017 c6 Guest
*slight bug-eye* Of course Hakuba is also somehow magic...
9/17/2017 c3 Guest
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