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for 13 faults

12/18/2022 c13 1Behindyu
10 out of 10 would read again

A perfect perspective on how a shotomomo love story should have went. I could comment all day the best points in your story are but I think ill dm it to you instead. So if you're still active here, prepare you ass for me. If not, then oh well
10/21/2022 c13 Kay
Yaaas love it probably one of the best todomomo stories I’ve ever read. I wish you had put the ending scene when they started dating and announcing to their class or smth. I still love it tho️
2/21/2022 c13 6encre d'esprit
Gah! So beautifully written. I absolutely think you should do a sequel! Maybe life in dorms now that they’re a “thing”. More drama can encompass the couple. You definitely have a gift for writing, keep it up!
12/22/2021 c13 zuiwoshachang
MY GOD have I waited so long for the ending, I gave up checking after a few months. Boy am I glad I went with that random thought to do a quick search - that ending was EVERYTHING I have ever wanted from that story and SO much more than that!
9/10/2021 c3 Guest
mjk vjg
7/10/2021 c13 Feg
Omg loved and enjoyed this SO MUCHHH! Thankiuuuu
5/20/2021 c2 LeonaidasRage
Wouldn't Jiro have heard the boys?
5/18/2021 c1 LeonaidasRage
After reading this much, I hope it doesn't end with them merely getting together but also shows what comes after.
4/27/2021 c13 Being Lore
honestly, i loved this. And i wasn't expecting to this development. i kinda thought that this fics was gonna be full of tropes when i first started it. bui it was nothing like that. i loved the way you wrote the characters, absolutely all of them totally faithful to their real personality. really, this is easily one of the best fics i've ever read.

i kinda thought at the beginning that you were throwing some kacchako crumbs over there
4/21/2021 c9 marissa
*sighs deeply* Yes. God yes, we’re here and ready for the food to be eaten. Thank you so much for this wonderful tale
3/12/2021 c13 gonzagasheenkate
I'm actually super happy with how this story ended. Thank you for this beautiful fanfic. My heart is now full hahaha. I took days to finish reading this chapter because of school stuff but I'm glad I finished it. This was a blast! (I also hope TodoMomo would be canon someday cause like they complement each other so much uwu)
3/8/2021 c12 gonzagasheenkate
I'm suspecting Toya hngg
3/8/2021 c11 gonzagasheenkate
3/7/2021 c10 gonzagasheenkate
I'm speechless with this chapter.
3/7/2021 c9 gonzagasheenkate
While reading this chapter, I was really hoping for a kiss and a cheek and it really did happen at the last part! These two are such precious cinnamon rolls. Huhu
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