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for 13 faults

1/13 c9 Guest
Oh. My. God.
Todoroki discovered sarcasm!
When a girl says something when they really mean the opposite!
I know some female individuals who use this method quite often!
1/13 c7 Guest
Omg im loving this story so far from her jumping out the window of Aizawa s office to Shotos blunt text message about them being friends at first I worried this would be one of those idiotic stories where the author completely ignored momos abilities but nope you’ve proved me wrong you’re doing great and i understand im late to the party and you might not read this but i appreciate you posting these stories.
8/13/2023 c1 2marttapuustinen
Wow! This was maybe the best fanfic I’ve ever read out of any fandom ever (and that’s saying a lot ’cause you know… we’re all kinda addicted here lol xD)! I just couldn’t put it down once I had started and though I know I should be regretting this when my alarm goes off in exactly four hours and 17 minutes, I can, without a doubt, say that all my regrets will be washed away by the joy I got from reading this masterpiece through to the end. The plot was so amazingly crafted, the main characters beautifully written, and the flow of the entire work so well balanced. The emotional rollercoaster I went through while reading this was so totally worth every second of lost sleep lol.
Thank you so much for writing this, and I hope I’ll get to read many more of your stories in the future
12/18/2022 c13 1Behindyu
10 out of 10 would read again

A perfect perspective on how a shotomomo love story should have went. I could comment all day the best points in your story are but I think ill dm it to you instead. So if you're still active here, prepare you ass for me. If not, then oh well
10/21/2022 c13 Kay
Yaaas love it probably one of the best todomomo stories I’ve ever read. I wish you had put the ending scene when they started dating and announcing to their class or smth. I still love it tho️
2/21/2022 c13 6encre d'esprit
Gah! So beautifully written. I absolutely think you should do a sequel! Maybe life in dorms now that they’re a “thing”. More drama can encompass the couple. You definitely have a gift for writing, keep it up!
12/22/2021 c13 zuiwoshachang
MY GOD have I waited so long for the ending, I gave up checking after a few months. Boy am I glad I went with that random thought to do a quick search - that ending was EVERYTHING I have ever wanted from that story and SO much more than that!
9/10/2021 c3 Guest
mjk vjg
7/10/2021 c13 Feg
Omg loved and enjoyed this SO MUCHHH! Thankiuuuu
5/20/2021 c2 LeonaidasRage
Wouldn't Jiro have heard the boys?
5/18/2021 c1 LeonaidasRage
After reading this much, I hope it doesn't end with them merely getting together but also shows what comes after.
4/27/2021 c13 Being Lore
honestly, i loved this. And i wasn't expecting to this development. i kinda thought that this fics was gonna be full of tropes when i first started it. bui it was nothing like that. i loved the way you wrote the characters, absolutely all of them totally faithful to their real personality. really, this is easily one of the best fics i've ever read.

i kinda thought at the beginning that you were throwing some kacchako crumbs over there
4/21/2021 c9 marissa
*sighs deeply* Yes. God yes, we’re here and ready for the food to be eaten. Thank you so much for this wonderful tale
3/12/2021 c13 seankeithjules
I'm actually super happy with how this story ended. Thank you for this beautiful fanfic. My heart is now full hahaha. I took days to finish reading this chapter because of school stuff but I'm glad I finished it. This was a blast! (I also hope TodoMomo would be canon someday cause like they complement each other so much uwu)
3/8/2021 c12 seankeithjules
I'm suspecting Toya hngg
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