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for A Foxy Nine-Tailed Titan

2/7 c1 Nightly Wriggle
.Kill yourself, retard.
1/22/2023 c2 Silverwingzz
Kurama was not bigger than 100 meters, don’t know where you got you’re calculations but its wrong.
2/24/2022 c8 Obama
"Good story"- obama
7/15/2021 c8 4arawiguM
To the guest that just commented. He will be in the next chapter. I’m revising it and it should release by the coming Monday if nothing comes up.
7/4/2021 c3 Guest
Is eren and the squad there
5/12/2021 c1 arawiguM
You know what, Guest/Idkimbored2010? I’ll do it.
4/14/2021 c8 Idkimbored2010
Ik you're probably not going to reply but please's honestly not aot at this point but great story and writing
6/24/2020 c8 Spyro fanboy
I really like how you did this story.
Will kurama keep an eye on eren jegar the next time he awakes?
Hope to see more of this soon.
3/27/2020 c1 1KINGShaheed
Damn! Now this has caught my attention!
8/2/2019 c1 FujoshiLoverOtaku
Where the hell Eren and Armin?I've been waiting for them to appear in this damn book since the first chapter until to the end but their still not appear amd you had already leave this story abondoned for year
7/20/2019 c1 scpsecurecontain123
I would love to see more of this
6/17/2019 c8 XxHawktalonxX
Yo, this is great, I like how you have some of Kurama's old spiteful personality still there but his isn't a raving murderous fox on a killing spree, I would really like to see more of this!
4/9/2019 c8 Boi
This was great I really hope you keep doing this because i would like to see the nine tails meet Eren and the gang
7/5/2018 c8 Guest
Update please finally
1/23/2018 c8 Titaneater
With one word, interesting. Ive got to admit that prequel you are describing with Kuklo complete eldes me. I havent read any of the novels or manga of the series and I have clearly no intention to do so, but still, Ive got to say to see the story from Kuramas point of view is very interesting. Its a bit funny to see the gigantic titans be dwarfed by a orange fox. And im really curious to see what you have planned for the next chapters.
There is just one little matter that I think is a bit overkill. Kuramas size. I think big enough to trample over the kollosal titan is ways to overkill. The size of the kollosal titan would be more than enough for him in my opinion. I think you should minimize him a little bit for the following chapters. A giant without any weakness who could just trample over all and every enemy is a bit boring. Plus even if he would be just about eren titansize, he would still be more than able to tear the titans limb from limb.
In case you think about my suggestion, I would have to reasons as to how he became smaller. Before the appearance of the collosal titan humankind had no idea whatsoever as to how big something like that could even be. So maybe they took him for taller, as he actually was.
And the second option would be, since he went back to slepp after his little trip with Kuklo, maybe when he woke back up the natural chakra of the world had kept on getting weaker, so that he still was a natural powerhouse, but didnt change into his gigantuan form anymore, cause it would be to unpractical.

Hope you liked my review and I didnt overstep any bounderies with my suggestion. It is youre story and I just happen to love to read it. I hope you continue it soon.
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