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for Thieves Can Be Heroes!

9/19 c1 1YubelXIII
I hope the next update is Soon
9/15 c41 Ace
Great story but i just want to ask if you have abandoned this story overall by now
9/9 c30 Guest 5
I wonder when Akechi would meet Dabi it would be nice to see them relate to their similarities such as revenge on their fathers.
9/1 c1 thiago24568
best crossover
8/28 c41 6IS6A6E
I can’t wait to see what the thieves reaction will be. Personally I hope it gets out there that the phantom thieves were the ones who did it. I’d hate for the heroes to take all the credit.
8/27 c19 IS6A6E
Yusuke's here!
8/15 c18 156Quatermass
I've gotten into this fic, just as I've recently gotten into "Persona 5", but in this chapter, there's a major flaw. Katsuki Bakugou is someone I utterly detest. This is someone who told Izuku to commit suicide, who attacked him with a lethal attack, and, in this chapter, calls Izuku scum. Izuku should not only have considered him no longer a friend, but would have to see if he had a Palace. That would have been the best thing to do with Bakugou, in my opinion anyway.

Of course, your fic, your rules, and I'm certainly getting into this fic. :)
8/13 c12 13Ganheim
I can't allow this petition to go on
[Now that it’s already public, I don’t see how he can stop it without losing enormous reputation credit]

petition." Kamoshida suddenly tensed, Mishima looking to the side to see Izuku
[Source Mixing – it’s not unusual for a sentence to involve more than one character, but you throw out three names here, only the last one not established in the scene. There’s not a clear introduction, which would have gone better at the top of the dialog (ie people parting as Izuku steps into the front of the crowd)]

you used to woof down

and a bit clustered
[clustered can refer to good organization or bad. “cluttered” would indicate little discernable order and often too little space]

looking for some guinea pi-
[Well, this looks more plausible than Takemi using Main as a “does this kill him or not” guinea pig. I may only work in physical therapy, but even there I know MEDICINE DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY]

possible trauma are exponential
[Increase is exponential, blank odds are high]

I like how you're letting some of the characters drift in different directions despite being established P5 characters, as it's a new universe the story is taking place in.
8/13 c11 Ganheim
flailing it's arms
[its is the possessive, “it’s” is the contraction of it is]

With enough alcohol, the flames will keep burning even after they emerge
[This is actually a really clever tactic, and still takes into account cognitive distortion]

But once you get used to it, it's gettin' him to shut up that's the trick
[I like this banter more than the stuff in the game]

Ann answers. Ryuji bites
[Source Mixing, and you slip into present tense when your story’s otherwise past tense]

figuring out which of you will be taking care of me
[Why wouldn’t he be making this during a pass at Ann?]

have everything to lose right now
[I think you mean nothing to lose]

Besides Source Mixing, I think it's a very interesting set of circumstances. I'd like to see more world blending, but it's still a fair dropping of the P5 premise into the MHA universe.
7/30 c41 1xpegasus

I just re-reading the entirety of "Thieves Can be Heroes," and HOLY SHIT, I FORGOT HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS STORY!

I freaking love Izuku as the leader of the Phantom Thieves, and I can see how despite being a bit of a nervous wreck, Izuku's earnestness, determination, and kind heart would make the others want to follow him.

Your dialogue and characterization are all top-notch. Izuku's interactions with his Confidants are always such a delight, I especially enjoy his time with Iwai and Takemi; the contrast of them with the living cinnamon roll that is Izuku Midoriya always brings a smile to my face. I also love the fact you've shaken up some of the Confidants from canon, such as making Mei and Pop Step the new Fortune and Devil confidants.

Getting to see more events outside of Izuku's perspective helps make the world feel bigger and more alive.

I remember the first time I read this story and Bakugo got his Persona; my jaw freaking dropped. It was done very well, and I think Bakugo is an excellent addition to the Phantom Thieves. He really shakes up the team dynamics, and his thief costume and Persona are freaking awesome. My only real issue is that I think Tombstone's primary element should have been Darkness/Curse; it would be reflective of his rivalry with Izuku since Carter uses Light/Bless and would fill in a niche on the team. But honestly, it's a minor issue. Also, I'm guessing Bakugo's Confidant is going to be the Tower Arcana.

The Overhaul arc was freaking amazing, he really was the perfect person from MHA for the Phantom Thieves to target. Chisaki's Palace was very interesting, and Eri's Shadow being the Treasure was an amazing and fitting twist. Every fight against the Cognitive Eight Bullets was engaging and incorporated their Quirks very well, and the final battle against Shadow Chisaki was absolutely epic.

My only issue with this arc is that I think the way they delivered Overhaul's calling card was too risky and put Ryuji in danger. I think it would have been better if they got Koichi, Kazuho, and Knuckleduster to deliver the calling cards instead. They're used to sneaking around and aren't directly associated with the PT, and they'd be down for taking down the yakuza and saving a little girl.

Regardless, this story is absolutely amazing, and I can't wait to see what comes next. I'm especially looking forward to Sae meeting Bakugo again, and I'm hoping we'll get more insight into Sojiro's time working with the government and with heroes.

Also, Izuku and Makoto's relationship is adorable, and I can't wait for them to get together.

Keep up the amazing work, and have a wonderful day.
7/5 c41 7Devil Dragon Stand Knight
The way you handled Overhaul here was satisfying as hell!
6/16 c41 KumaNoIkari
Loving the story, looking forward to the next chapter!
6/15 c41 mr. jack joke
Yes! Chisaki is down for the count and Eri is safe!
6/1 c41 EC3
I know that you abandoned and discontinued Strawhat Plus Vampire but is it possible for you to continue writing for it again and if not can you put up for adoption so at least the story can end with a proper ending
5/29 c41 Kingkong101
Izuku really needs to see a therapist
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