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10/31 c1 cdyer26
I loved it. Thank you for writing this.
10/25 c3 Guest
Absolutely loved it. You need to update it.
10/19 c3 sophieew
okay then, I liked it.:)
10/19 c2 sophieew
i love this so much. i love reading percy poseidon fluff, and you managed to mix some percy triton fluff in too.
10/19 c1 sophieew
i love this chapter. there aren't enough stories that show percy healing and just how traumatized he would be from tartarus.
10/8 c1 SmollChild
Not to sound rude but I don’t mind if you don’t update, you can work at your own pace as long as your comfortable and happy with your work. Also I really loved this story because it never occurred to me the gods lack of knowing towards demigods in general and Percy and how bad their lives are.
10/3 c3 WiseGirl14
10/3 c3 Guest
Awww... you updated this nearly a year ago! This is awesome! Would love it if it's continued.
9/17 c3 astrababyy
Please update this story. It’s amazing.
8/29 c3 HeheYeahItsMe
i LOVED it
8/29 c2 HeheYeahItsMe
Oh my gods, this is fantastic
8/23 c3 2Coonkisser19
love where you are going update soon
8/18 c3 Guest
This is so good! I hope you haven't given up on it. Honestly, I want to see a fic where Percy can practice his power and have people not just be "of course he can that, it's PERCY." I mean, everyone talks about the hurricane and volcano and blood-bending, but I think the most impressive thing he ever did was clean out the horse stalls by MAKING SEA WATER COME FROM ANCIENT SHELLS LIKE HOW?! Sorry, that was a tangent... My point is, I feel like with T & A he can have people who boost his confidence and help with his severe guilt issues *without* all the hero worship.
8/14 c3 CrazyReader
8/14 c2 CrazyReader
keeeeeeeeeeeep writing! pweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese?
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