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11/13 c8 Abbie51304
I loved this chapter! It was really good! Can't wait for more!
11/12 c8 dlewis53
Yay, another update!

This was a pretty good chapter; It was pretty funny that Discord was making the guards drag his flying chariot, and Las Pegasus looks just as good as it did in the show. I'm curious as to what that bat-pony's role is going to be, and as for the deer, as long as their more likable than they were in the comics, then I'll be good!

As for the stuff on Paraddock (which, after this chapter, may as well be the Equestrian equivalent of Neverland), it was pretty exciting; the flying spider-monkeys were a neat idea, and I was honestly starting to think Gabby would never appear in the RCF series; that was an absolute treat, plus it was cool that she found the kids and became the "Lost Colts". Speaking of "Peter Pan" references, I honestly didn't realize that "Pony Pan" and "Windy" were actually Sky Stinger and Vapor Trai until you flat out said it; that was also a neat addition, though now I'm curious what their story is.

Overall, this was a pretty good chapter I can't wait to see what happens next!
10/12 c7 dlewis53
Glad to finally have an update for this story!

Discord's scene was mildly amusing, and I'm still pretty suspicious of Gladmane.

Otherwise, the main meat of this chapter (seeing Paraddock for the first time) was pretty neat; it looks like an interesting place, with talking flowers and apparently Crystal Fairies (though I feel like in universe them having a Crystal Heart would get confusing). Overall, the place seems interesting so far and I can't wait to see more of it!

Finally, as for the song, I guess it works for the group traveling through the land, though after listening to the song itself, I think it's just kind of okay.

Overall, a pretty good chapter!
9/18 c6 Guest
come on it's been a month update update
8/19 c6 dlewis53
This was a pretty good chapter.

The song between Flurry and Mischief was pretty nice, and it was interesting to gain a piece of Mischief's past, namely that he survived the blizzard by being teleported to Paraddock, as well as meeting the purple creature (I have a pretty good feeling who that is, but I'll wait for the reveal).

Also, it's good that the ponies have a solid game plan, and it's cool that everyone (the Canterlot sisters and husbands, the children and their husbands, as well as the Guardians) are getting things to do in the story.

Finally, I can't help but think that Discord is capable of being summoned by the Map is a nod towards what happened in today's episode, and it's a good thing he's being summoned to Las Pegasus, since he's been wanting to investigate Gladmane.

Overall, looking forward to what happens next!
8/9 c5 Abbie51304
This was awesome! I've been waiting for this to update, and when I saw it was, I read it imedatly.
8/8 c5 dlewis53
This was a decent chapter. Even though I'm not that familiar with the songs from "Phantom of the Opera" (except for "Music of the Night"), I was still able to follow what was going on. Also, I feel like this Dandy guy is going to be a red herring of sorts and that Gladmane knows more about what's going on than he lets on, but only time will tell. Either way, I'm interested to see what will happen when the Guardians go to Prance, and I'm also curious how Zealot fits into this.
7/10 c2 Abbie51304
I just watched Zootopia with my cousin, and now I get the refrance!
7/9 c4 Guest
Good Chapter!

Ooh, Gladmane's in this story! I like this! And it seems he has a mystery that Discord's going to try and solve...I like that too!

It was pretty interesting meeting all the grand-kids.

And thus the mystery of Paraddock truly begins.

Overall, these are some pretty interesting mysteries!
7/1 c3 Guest
6/29 c3 26GuardianAngel1234567
Bring in the reformed villain in this story!
6/20 c2 18MiraculousDragonMaster
Oh, I love that song! And the movie!

Now that Mischief's past is starting to unfurl a bit, we'll see where it will lead. Hopefully, it won't be bad news for his happy future with Flurry Heart.

Can't wait for the next chapter!
6/19 c1 dlewis53
Yay! The new installment's here!

This was definitely some good set-up; it got me interested in what exactly this "Paraddock" place is all about.

Also, I'm wondering if Star Swirl being mentioned here will have any relevance later, as well as the brief bit with Nova and Blaze.

Overall, a good prologue chapter!
6/18 c1 MiraculousDragonMaster
Yahoo! It's finally here! And already, this is getting me hooked! Can't wait for the entire story to unfold!

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