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6/19 c24 GoldenLatias6
Not that mirror again... it caused so much trouble...
5/27 c23 dlewis53
I think out of the three new chapters, this one is my favorite!

I thought Discord's plan to sneak into Gladmane's room disguised as him was pretty smart, as was him leaving a decoy so Gladmane isn't immediately suspicious.

However, the main meat of the chapter was of course the revelation that Capri was Discord's sister and their subsequent reunion. In regards to the reveal, I...honestly thought this would end up the case, mainly because I figured that, at the beginning of the story, Discord wouldn't have mentioned a draconequus that he knew if said draconequus wasn't going to be playing some part in it, and since Discord mentioned that said draconequus was a girl, there were only two likely options: She was either an ex-girlfriend (which I didn't think was that likely because I always imagined that Fluttershy was his first love), or, well, his sister. Ultimately, I think it's more that I'm just used to this kind of stuff from being a fan of so many things. Although, I am usually fooled by red herrings (unless their super-obvious that they're such).

As for Capri herself, I really enjoyed her; her design is unique (and based on the description, seems partially inspired by your current avatar), and her dynamic with Discord was adorable as all heck. I can't wait to see her get the chance to properly meet Fluttershy and Screw Ball.

Overall, this was a great chapter, and I'm interested to see where the story goes now that Capri is finally free from Galdmane's amulet.
5/27 c22 dlewis53
This was a pretty good chapter!

I like that the reveal of Blackthorn as one of the Dark Riders didn't cause too much drama with Skyla; in fact, once she learned why, she was very understanding. Also, I hope we get at least a few more interactions between her and Blackthorn before the end.

I also enjoyed Gladmane's villain song, and now I'm wondering what exactly he's planning on stealing from the Canterlot Royals.

Overall, this was an enjoyable chapter!
5/22 c23 36GuardianAngel1234567
Aww! Bonding time! But first... SHRED THAT PHONY TO BITS!
5/21 c20 11GK
love the story so far... the best... But I think I know where this other draconequus is... the amulet that the king has in las Peguse is where she is trapped... so that is why he can make anything out of thin air... But I still love this story and I hope you can carry on with it and we get to find out what happen with the new couple soon aka skyler and blackthorn...
3/22 c19 dlewis53
This was also a pretty good chapter!

First off, I KNEW IT! I had a pretty damn big feeling in my gut that Celaeno would end up being the latest "Captain Hoof", and was neat to learn a little more about the history with the "Pans" and the "Hoofs", so to speak. Although, Celaeno's appearance here now makes me wonder how long it'll be until the likes of Capper, Skystar, and Tempest show up.

Also, it was very interesting to learn a bit more about the draconequus, particularly that we appear to have a name for her now, although I'm curious: is "Capri" a reference to something chaotic, or at least related to chaos?

Finally, I am pretty curious about what this supposed "weapon" is.

All in all, this was an enjoyable chapter!
3/22 c18 dlewis53
Well, this was an absolutely adorable chapter!

The flashback to Mischief's proposal to Flurry was adorable, as was Cauldron Bubbles' reaction to it, and I liked how you used Kala's talk to Tarzan here to have the two talk about their feelings; that was well played!

As for Sky and Vapor, it was nice for them to both have a bit of character development, and I had the biggest grin on my face when Vapor revealed that she was pregnant; good for them!

Finally, that was a tense ending...

Overall, really sweet chapter!
3/22 c17 36GuardianAngel1234567
Please kick Silver.
3/21 c17 dlewis53
This was a pretty good chapter!

I always like seeing new features to Paraddock, and the Savannah reminded me of "The Lion Kng", particularly that cobra; I immediately thought of Ushari.

That stampede scene was pretty intense, and Zealot was a champ for saving Opulence like that!

As for Silver Tongue, I still don't like him after the last Paraddock chapter, and I feel like he's really gonna slip up at some point.

Finally, I feel really bad for Mischief; the poor guy is so unsure of himself right now, but still wants to please Flurry. He really has some bad self-esteem issues, and I have a feeling either next chapter or the one after it is going to be pretty big on feels.

Overall, this was a good chapter and I can't wait to see what happens next!
3/9 c15 GuardianAngel1234567
I hate tgat guy.
3/6 c1 Anthony
Fuck Discord!
3/5 c14 dlewis53
Yay! The story's finally returned, and with a pretty good chapter to boot!

I continue to be incredibly amazed by Paraddock, and now, not only do we have some new parts of the area, but we've even met a new race, and learned of said race's backstory. Once again, this is doing some incredible world-building with this place. Although, I can't for the life of me guess what the inspiration for the Monarchs is. But now, our heroes' goal is clear: to find this mysterious draconequus and find out what's happening with the Fairies' Crystal Heart.

Overall, this was an enjoyable chapter, and I patiently wait for the next one!
12/31/2017 c13 GuardianAngel1234567
Skyla ;) Glandmane jerk
12/30/2017 c12 dlewis53
This was a pretty decent chapter.

The whole scene between Gale and Blackthorn was pretty cute, especially when Blackthorn played along with Gale being a "new recruit". Also, I'm glad you included Blackthorn as the leader of the deer forces; he was the saving grace of the deer in the comics. Finally, it seems you're on your way to creating a new ship between him and Skyla...

As for Gladmane, he continues to be incredibly suspicious; his story about how he got the gem seems somewhat vague, and the deer clearly are not fond of working for him. All in all, there's definitely something shady with that guy, and I hope Discord doesn't wind up in TOO much trouble trying to get that necklace.

Finally, with the stuff in Paraddock, that was a pretty neat rescue operation, and I'm still not sure how to feel about Silver Tongue.

All in all, a good chapter, and I look forward to what happens next.
12/30/2017 c11 James Birdsong
Nice chapters
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