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3/22 c19 dlewis53
This was also a pretty good chapter!

First off, I KNEW IT! I had a pretty damn big feeling in my gut that Celaeno would end up being the latest "Captain Hoof", and was neat to learn a little more about the history with the "Pans" and the "Hoofs", so to speak. Although, Celaeno's appearance here now makes me wonder how long it'll be until the likes of Capper, Skystar, and Tempest show up.

Also, it was very interesting to learn a bit more about the draconequus, particularly that we appear to have a name for her now, although I'm curious: is "Capri" a reference to something chaotic, or at least related to chaos?

Finally, I am pretty curious about what this supposed "weapon" is.

All in all, this was an enjoyable chapter!
3/22 c18 dlewis53
Well, this was an absolutely adorable chapter!

The flashback to Mischief's proposal to Flurry was adorable, as was Cauldron Bubbles' reaction to it, and I liked how you used Kala's talk to Tarzan here to have the two talk about their feelings; that was well played!

As for Sky and Vapor, it was nice for them to both have a bit of character development, and I had the biggest grin on my face when Vapor revealed that she was pregnant; good for them!

Finally, that was a tense ending...

Overall, really sweet chapter!
3/22 c17 32GuardianAngel1234567
Please kick Silver.
3/21 c17 dlewis53
This was a pretty good chapter!

I always like seeing new features to Paraddock, and the Savannah reminded me of "The Lion Kng", particularly that cobra; I immediately thought of Ushari.

That stampede scene was pretty intense, and Zealot was a champ for saving Opulence like that!

As for Silver Tongue, I still don't like him after the last Paraddock chapter, and I feel like he's really gonna slip up at some point.

Finally, I feel really bad for Mischief; the poor guy is so unsure of himself right now, but still wants to please Flurry. He really has some bad self-esteem issues, and I have a feeling either next chapter or the one after it is going to be pretty big on feels.

Overall, this was a good chapter and I can't wait to see what happens next!
3/9 c15 GuardianAngel1234567
I hate tgat guy.
3/6 c1 Anthony
Fuck Discord!
3/5 c14 dlewis53
Yay! The story's finally returned, and with a pretty good chapter to boot!

I continue to be incredibly amazed by Paraddock, and now, not only do we have some new parts of the area, but we've even met a new race, and learned of said race's backstory. Once again, this is doing some incredible world-building with this place. Although, I can't for the life of me guess what the inspiration for the Monarchs is. But now, our heroes' goal is clear: to find this mysterious draconequus and find out what's happening with the Fairies' Crystal Heart.

Overall, this was an enjoyable chapter, and I patiently wait for the next one!
12/31/2017 c13 GuardianAngel1234567
Skyla ;) Glandmane jerk
12/30/2017 c12 dlewis53
This was a pretty decent chapter.

The whole scene between Gale and Blackthorn was pretty cute, especially when Blackthorn played along with Gale being a "new recruit". Also, I'm glad you included Blackthorn as the leader of the deer forces; he was the saving grace of the deer in the comics. Finally, it seems you're on your way to creating a new ship between him and Skyla...

As for Gladmane, he continues to be incredibly suspicious; his story about how he got the gem seems somewhat vague, and the deer clearly are not fond of working for him. All in all, there's definitely something shady with that guy, and I hope Discord doesn't wind up in TOO much trouble trying to get that necklace.

Finally, with the stuff in Paraddock, that was a pretty neat rescue operation, and I'm still not sure how to feel about Silver Tongue.

All in all, a good chapter, and I look forward to what happens next.
12/30/2017 c11 James Birdsong
Nice chapters
12/28/2017 c10 dlewis53
This was a pretty decent chapter.

I'll admit, I was a bit disappointed that we didn't quite meet Captain Hoof, especially since this one's apparently a pirate parrot...which makes me wonder if a certain movie character will be showing up.

Otherwise, Silver Tongue seems like a relatively decent guy (despite who his dad is), but we'll see how long that lasts, though hopefully Mischief's jealousy won't get too far out of hand (I wasn't particularly fond of the last time that happened in this series).

Finally, Foxhelm seems like a cool guy; I hope we see more of him.

Overall, this seemed like a decent chapter, though I hope we meet Captain Hoof soon.
12/18/2017 c9 dlewis53
Huzzah, another update!

Nice to see the Canterlot sisters and their husbands (sans Discord) reach Maris; I'm a little interested to see what happens next.

However, the real meat of this chapter was the stuff in Paraddock; at first, I thought that the whole "Pony Pan" thing was essentially going to be similar to Sky and Vapor's situation in the show, where it turns out to be a lie by Vapor, but I'm honestly glad it didn't go that route; the idea of them basically carrying on a torch of sorts from previous "Pony Pans" (and that Pony Pan was real at one point and inspired the fictional version of the story, as well as the others inspiring their own versions) was a pretty neat bit of world-building. Overall, I'm really enjoying the stuff on Paraddock and how it really is the pony version of Neverland. Also, congrats to Sky and Vapor for getting married at some point.

Speaking of Neverland, though, I'm definitely interested in meeting Captain Hoof in the next chapter or two.

Overall, this was another good chapter, and I eagerly anticipate the next update!
11/13/2017 c8 Abbie51304
I loved this chapter! It was really good! Can't wait for more!
11/12/2017 c8 dlewis53
Yay, another update!

This was a pretty good chapter; It was pretty funny that Discord was making the guards drag his flying chariot, and Las Pegasus looks just as good as it did in the show. I'm curious as to what that bat-pony's role is going to be, and as for the deer, as long as their more likable than they were in the comics, then I'll be good!

As for the stuff on Paraddock (which, after this chapter, may as well be the Equestrian equivalent of Neverland), it was pretty exciting; the flying spider-monkeys were a neat idea, and I was honestly starting to think Gabby would never appear in the RCF series; that was an absolute treat, plus it was cool that she found the kids and became the "Lost Colts". Speaking of "Peter Pan" references, I honestly didn't realize that "Pony Pan" and "Windy" were actually Sky Stinger and Vapor Trai until you flat out said it; that was also a neat addition, though now I'm curious what their story is.

Overall, this was a pretty good chapter I can't wait to see what happens next!
10/12/2017 c7 dlewis53
Glad to finally have an update for this story!

Discord's scene was mildly amusing, and I'm still pretty suspicious of Gladmane.

Otherwise, the main meat of this chapter (seeing Paraddock for the first time) was pretty neat; it looks like an interesting place, with talking flowers and apparently Crystal Fairies (though I feel like in universe them having a Crystal Heart would get confusing). Overall, the place seems interesting so far and I can't wait to see more of it!

Finally, as for the song, I guess it works for the group traveling through the land, though after listening to the song itself, I think it's just kind of okay.

Overall, a pretty good chapter!
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