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6/20 c2 14MiraculousDragonMaster
Oh, I love that song! And the movie!

Now that Mischief's past is starting to unfurl a bit, we'll see where it will lead. Hopefully, it won't be bad news for his happy future with Flurry Heart.

Can't wait for the next chapter!
6/19 c1 dlewis53
Yay! The new installment's here!

This was definitely some good set-up; it got me interested in what exactly this "Paraddock" place is all about.

Also, I'm wondering if Star Swirl being mentioned here will have any relevance later, as well as the brief bit with Nova and Blaze.

Overall, a good prologue chapter!
6/18 c1 MiraculousDragonMaster
Yahoo! It's finally here! And already, this is getting me hooked! Can't wait for the entire story to unfold!

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