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8/19/2023 c6 3GearTrail
Great story overall, great duel overall as it showed each duelist in their prime. However I have to ask. Beast of Gilfer’s effect states that if sent to the graveyard, it equips itself onto a monster and reduces its attack. But once the equipped monster is destroyed, then Gilfer also is sent to the graveyard. And I know youre still in the same turn. But I havent seen its effect used more than once in a turn. Maybe Im wrong and it can equip itself onto other monsters until the end but I havent seen that effect used like that
3/4/2023 c6 Alliumz
THIS IS A RWALLY REALLY GOOD STORY! It's basically what I wanted Arc-v to be! TYSM for writing this!
11/21/2022 c6 background character 19
this story in my opinion is a much better ending than what we got during the original ending of ARC-V if you weren't satisfied with the original ending of ARC-V then this is worth a read.
9/28/2022 c3 5Dbzfreak60
Supreme King VS Supreme King
5/27/2022 c6 9Mark123100
Very wonderful story.
4/1/2022 c6 28EternalKing
Pretty good for its shortness, but I do feel like it loses points for a lack of objective judgement on Zarc’s end. While he definitely had a strong fear of losing, I don’t think it was anywhere near as unwarranted as you say, since we also know/it’s implied he didn’t really have anyone but his monsters on his side who were also sharing feelings of vengeance towards the audience. We know from GX and to a lesser extent 5ds how Pros can deeply spiral down and how a loss can affect their mental state and popularity. That, coupled with the Arc V OG dimensions thirst for blood and conflict like the Synchro dimension, and giving smiles toward an audience(literally just like Yuto and Yuya) shows that “for the fame” is hardly an accurate description for how he felt jilted. It’s especially notable that Ray’s plan for helping Zarc’s remnants was literally just being with them, meaning that Zarc would have been just fine if he actually had a human on his side, since Yubel and the Dragons show that Monster spirits don’t exactly work on the same moral spectrum as humans do.

Not to say it waves away him losing his actual mind, but it makes sense why he would eventually just snap similar to how the Yuboys berserk out.
10/14/2021 c5 GaGaGa Charge
And that is how you high five the sky Yuma!
10/15/2021 c6 Ultimate savior infinity
10/15/2021 c5 Ultimate savior infinity
10/15/2021 c1 Ultimate savior infinity
In the immortal words of the 4Kids Dub opening: IT'S TIME TO DUEL!
Plus, to quote one of the lines from Season 0, "Now, it's Game time".
9/10/2021 c6 Mernom
Not bad. Electrum is a good counter to Anime Zark as summoned by a sorcerer.
Yusei didn't get to fully show off, though.
5/8/2021 c6 Guest 5
Yuri is pretty much the old Vegeta with Frieza’s polite, soft spoken mannerisms.
6/5/2020 c1 Frwt
3/10/2020 c6 3TheWolfFaithChild
It's got literally everything!
Yu-boys got their bodies back.
Braclet-girls got their bodies back.
Yu-boys and Bracelet-girls got their Ships together. (In the right way since Yuri and Serena still have some tension.)
Reira isn't a baby.
Yuri is reformed in the. BEST. WAY. POSSIBLE! Perfect redemtion story for him. Thank you SO MUCH!
Not to mention THE MOST EPIC CROSSOVER OF ALL YUGIOH TIME! You. Got. Everyone! Thank You thiswassoAWESOME!
10/7/2019 c1 Catfan1
That's my butler... and some freak.

Is anyone feeling that?
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