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for Kale And Cabba And Caulifla And The Love Triangle Crush

6/4 c1 Shaeril McBrown
Hi. I'm Shaeril McBrown. Will you read and review my stories.

4/23 c18 Guest
its pronounced kaio-ken
4/23 c11 mcsayajins
honestly could you be original?
4/8 c1 Lisa Ware-Krantz
Hey there, sugar bear ;)

I can tell by your lovely stories that you are a pedophile. I am a pedophile too and I would love for us to meet in person sometime.

My home address is:
3662 Juniper Hills Drive
Rockwall, Texas 75032

My phone numbers are 972-771-0893 and 214-437-0250 and my e-mail is lwarekrantz at hotmail dot com.

I can't wait to hear from you ;D
2/15 c20 Guest
I want more it was so frickin good
1/12/2019 c20 TBossK
Wow I can’t believe it ended...

I hope you do right a sequel one day :)
12/17/2018 c1 twisterblake2015
12/7/2018 c20 Left this website
Hi Zoey, check your Arthur101SueEllen account, I left you a message. I haven't been on this site for almost a year, I forget if this notifys you but I hope it does!
10/2/2018 c20 1Kallieklade
**BANGS HEAD ON DESC** WHY ARE YOU ENDING IT WHHYYYYYYYYYYYYY **CRi** atleast make it after ToP It's a really good fan fic D: **BANGS HEAD ON DESC OVER 9000 TIMES**
9/29/2018 c20 40yangri
Oh, wow, that was quick. Good job on finishing, though.
9/29/2018 c20 58ltj056
And with that, the curtain closes on the story as they are all together. A true love triangle.

Seriously though, this was a good note for an ending. Like the room thing with Caulifla and Kale coming to the conclusion of being with Cabba together.

Wish ya the best.
9/29/2018 c20 28Jss2141
Nice wrap up, rushed but nice. I think the next chapter should be of them asking Vados if can take them to train with Goku and Vegeta.
9/29/2018 c20 3SSJDark Drakus
a bit rushed, but I do love it, hope to see a next chapter if their is.
9/29/2018 c20 9Jaroberts251
So is the story over and the next chapter will be an epilogue to wrap it up and show who Cabba will end up with? Anyway I did enjoy the chapter and I can't wait for next one.
9/26/2018 c19 Kau
Quero ver Kyabe x Caulifla namorando 7u7
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