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for How Could One Will Cause So Much Chaos?

10/22 c26 mlepasaalu
This Chapter just made laught so hard
10/18 c35 Dragonman110
Looking forward to when your next able to update please.
10/17 c4 keht.jelicho
nym threatens to tell Luna about ballerina moony, and my thoughts immediately went to "Hmm Luna would be a good option for an additional wife" after all he has two Marvel ones, and only one witch. plus Luna is, I believe, a pureblood, and so that may help assuage some public opinion (not that it would be a consideration for Harry, nor would Harry care about others' opinions even if someone pointed that aspect out for consideration).
8/14 c35 iamshinydragonmist
are y'all still on this site, will you continue this story, or is this another great story in my abandoned great story folder.
8/9 c35 Bronze
Ok you two lazy authors! It's been two years with no update. Let's get crackin' here! Just kidding, really! As I'm writing this, I haven't yet finished what's already posted but I'm working on it! I've no complaints about the writing, the plot or how you present Harry and his wives. In my personal opinion, most of Harry's ignorance can be blamed on Good Ole Fumblemort himself. One, he deliberately had Harry raised in ignorance two, it's like he cast a forgetfulness curse over the school dealing with anything and everything to do with James and Lily Potter. Oh, sure, the professors mentioned little things about James but most of the time it was like Lily didn't even attend Hogwash. The staff would always say things like James was the Captain of the Quidditch Team and was good at Defense. Then in passing they might add that Lily was quite good at Potions as well as Charms. That is if they mention her at all. That to me looks like Fumblemort trying to ensure Harry only learns what he Fumblemort wants Harry to know. There's also the meeting between Harry and the Weasley Family in '91. Doesn't it seem strange for a mothe rwho attended Hogwash for seven years, put her two eldest children on the same train form the same platform for seven years to be walking around on the muggle side of the station talking loudly about the secret platform? I can see Hagrid not telling Harry how to access the platform as I seriously doubt he ever rode the train. But Fumblemort sent him instead of one of the qualified professors as a deliberate means of limiting Harry's knowledge of the magical world. I've said it to other authors before and I'll state it again, Dumbledore is a CONTROL FREAK! Not to mention a meddling busybody! He hoards much needed knowledge and doles it out in dribbles and drabs that only allow the listener to come the conclusion he, Good Ole Fumblemort wants them to. So, I can see Neville stopping Vulturewurst in seven months instead seven or more years. Anyhoo, I'm really looking forward to your next update to this.
7/18 c32 Guest
This Harry is fucking pathetic, you have a flinch and wince a million fucking times during a conversation where none of that is fucking necessary, you've made this character a pathetic, useless waste of oxygen... I'm out this HP isn't worth reading about...
7/18 c19 Guest
Wow that's some bullshit, if you think that shits acceptable I'd hate to be in a relationship with a person like you
7/12 c25 Please make more
Please make more of this story
6/16 c16 Bronze
Ya know, one of these days I may actually get to finish this story! I've started and read close to half before somehow my computer decides I don't want to finish it and it deletes it. Unfortunately, as I read this on AO3 I can't simply go into my history and reboot where I left off. But I keep coming back cause it's too funny not to. I really liked the scene where Dumbledore and Snape met the Joker. Anyhoo, I'll keep trying to finish this till I finally do. All I ask is that you both please continue to write. Don't let the morons and flamers win! If all they can do is tear everybody else down, who the hell needs them! Thanks.
6/3 c35 d.mckinney1014
continue. continue.
5/13 c35 Ranmaleopard
This is just really awesome and I can't wait to see what happens next. Please continue
5/9 c5 UnknownEntity92
Ugh this Harry needs to grow a pair. Dudes acting like a little b*tch
5/9 c5 UnknownEntity92
Enjoying it so far. Really hope Harry doesn’t get lead around by his dick in this fic. Ig I’ll see in the coming chaps.
5/2 c35 ulttoanova
I really like this story. I was rereading it and really hope you two eventually come back to it.
4/28 c35 Michele Angela Smith
Okay so, I just binged this from start to finish and love it! I hope you come back to it one day! You are an amazing author with a great mind for plots.
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