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for Hunting or Bust-Sasuke's Story

9/20/2017 c4 Maelstrom Resurrected
Pfft. This is almost the same as the one for chapter 4 of Hunting or Bust. I've gotta hand it to you, you sure are a big fan if Master Attlon.
9/15/2017 c4 maxtime
Well, pretty close to the original, but still nice to read... Especially with the silence since that, damn teaser chapture 56... Sorry i know this isn't the place for something like this, i should focus on your stuff... Which again pretty close to the original, and nice :D
9/15/2017 c4 11Master Attlon
Making dates usually just makes you worry that you won't make it. Just glad to see you back!
9/8/2017 c3 Maelstrom Resurrected
YES! I didn't have time to look up the new chapter, but that was awesome so far. I'm glad that u updated this story and hope that you'll update more soon!
Can't also wait for the tenten interaction!
8/16/2017 c3 maxtime
Okay, another nice chapture, pretty fitting on the perspective of Sasuke :D
8/14/2017 c3 Master Attlon
College is always important. Don't force yourself. You're doing great.
7/8/2017 c2 Maelstrom Resurrected
Great chapter so far!
I would suggest adding a little more...details to Sauske's point of view by adding things that Master Attlon could've put on the story. It's just my opinion, but hey, it's some advice that I would offer to u as a fellow reader.
Anyway, keep on writing friends.
6/29/2017 c2 Danish78
Thanks for the good read. Slow and steady. Interested to know how you'll write/interpret/expound the Sasuke Weiss conversation during the 1st day of before that I wonder what else you'll add to the Beacon initiation.
Good luck with your story. You're off to a nice start already.
6/29/2017 c2 maxtime
Okay another nice chapture, i don't know if you put this to make Sasuke mess around with Naruto, with the whole socialy awkward, and him noticing Naruto making friends before the speech, and then pulling his leg afterwards. But if you did this way, good one, nice to see that kind of stuff.
6/28/2017 c2 Master Attlon
Great job as always. I totally understand that feeling of wanting to write a story over essays or papers. Believe me though, you can breeze through a story like this when you have the inspiration. Make sure not to forget your work first though. That stuff can come back Ron bite you if you neglect it. Good luck!
6/28/2017 c1 7Aeso3
Finally gets his own arc. I have to say, I find this version of Sasuke generally more likeable and interesting. And his romantic teases with Weiss got me hooked. I'm interested to see which direction you'll take Sasuke in.
6/24/2017 c1 Maelstrom Resurrected
Awesome, just awesome!
I've been wondering about how ozpin's talk with sauske had turned out and I'm glad to see sauske's point of view from the story.
I hope to see more of this soon.
6/24/2017 c1 Blades of Fury
Sasuke is gonna get his own spotlight. Sweet. Although, things are gonna change, right? Or is it just from Sasuke's perspective?
Anyways, can't wait to see what awaits our favourite Dark Avenger.
6/20/2017 c1 Guest
Plz no yaoi and great side story so far
6/21/2017 c1 maxtime
Okay, this will an interesting fic to keep the eye on, until im sure it's at the quality of the original fic. I'm sorry if i'm putting much pressure on you, but Master Attlon fic's are really high quality. So when i see something related, i kind of expect the same quality.
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