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4/5/2018 c28 Alexa
Cute! Lottie is a handful. Gotta agree with Killian about Santa preferring a bit of rum to milk!
4/4/2018 c28 2Lanafan7151977
I loved this.
4/3/2018 c28 26oncer4life11
all kinds of adorable.
3/29/2018 c27 Guest
Hope you're ok. Are you updating soon?
3/16/2018 c27 Guest
More please :)
3/6/2018 c27 NightOwl
This was full of fluffy sweetness! It's nice that Emma and Killian had a quiet moment to reflect on the day's events and how they both commented to each other about how great they are as parents.
3/4/2018 c27 oncer4life11
omg the feels. adorable. one of my favs too.
2/19/2018 c26 Guest
Aw very sweet :)
2/18/2018 c26 oncer4life11
So many feels for this adorable family. can't wait for more.
2/18/2018 c26 PopPotter777
Never thought of that! We've plenty of snow here!
That gave me the warm fuzzy feels all over!
I love CaptainSwan & family!
2/10/2018 c25 Guest
Yay you updated! So happy thank you :) was short but sweet. Charlotte's so cute
2/9/2018 c25 oncer4life11
that was adorable, loved it.
2/9/2018 c25 oncer4life11
that was so adorable loved it.
12/31/2017 c24 Guest
Any chance of an update?
12/16/2017 c24 7twlightbella
Aww cute
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