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1/13 c1 12junejuly305
can't wait for an update
8/28/2021 c13 Thiruni Chamindi
I take back what I said this is much better and easier to understand so don't change anything.
8/28/2021 c8 Thiruni Chamindi
You should have written the way Pyra and natsu met the same and as well as their relationship!
5/7/2021 c19 SeanHicks4
Interesting plot, still holds up in the keeping my attention department and I like the early world building a bit better. I'm still noticing a good amount of spelling and grammar issues, but still pretty understandable a read. The RWBY terminology and background on the magics involved with Salem, Oz, and the Maidens make a bit more sense, but I didn't start reading either version until after seeing volume 7...
3/30/2021 c5 RandomCoolGuy
The dialogue was really awkward. They reacted like they were reading off a script, a very rushed script. That may be something you need improve on.
12/27/2020 c4 Lux de Ignis
After just reading ur dragon reborn and seeing the changes u have made in this story. This is so much better than I could imagine and I read ur previous one right before reading this one, so with everything fresh in my mind this is so much better. 10/10 awesome.
10/31/2020 c19 Luka
Please continue, I love the story and the direction you took it in.
8/7/2020 c19 3Klazy Labbit
I didn't think I would get this angry for a fanfic but ozpin is a fucking retard here and goodbitch is a karen here...ugh. The book was good till ozpin started acting like some paranoid piece of shit.
Well I will just go read shiro fucking and raping all girls in rwby to quell my rage. farewell.
8/3/2020 c19 paolotejadaj
Damn! What a great story!
I just hope you keep updating it
Keep the great work!
7/28/2020 c1 Drifting is Bliss
Much better! I read the original, but this is a clear improvement! The original wasn't quite up to my standards in writing quality, but this certainly is.
7/24/2020 c1 Guest
Yeahhhh, you don't precisely inspire faith in a good story when you manage to spell 'prologue' wrong, yanno?
6/2/2020 c19 Lord Halcyon
This has been a good read I hope you update soon.
4/8/2020 c19 Guest
Dude please continue this story it's very good and I want to see you continue it
3/11/2020 c19 naruto
great story keep it up but I wish natsu permanetly injuryed or as least serverly injured cardin after it is not like a prison can hold natsu with his strength. thanks
3/7/2020 c19 12catastrophiqu
I hope you someday finish this tale
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