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10/16/2019 c1 14holmgang
You really captured... /everything/ about what was going on in their relationship so well here. It makes total sense that Miles would realise how he'd been viewing and treating Maya after therapy, and then want to make those amends, but not really being sure how to go about it, how much to say... so of course he doesn't, till they're in a situation where it just sort of happens.
10/13/2017 c1 52Amethyst Beloved
The title that you picked for this one-shot is so perfect. I loved seeing Maya tell Miles once and for all about Cam. I am a firm believer that Miles never knew. Miles was the new kid and Maya was determined to start with a clean slate. There's actually a DegrassiCaptions Tumblr post where Maya says the Wild Wild West line and the reaction was Miles with a bunch of question marks over his head. Both Miles and Maya kept parts of each themselves away from each other and it ended up doing more harm than good.

I also believe that Tristan knew about the abuse, but only much after they stopped dating the first time. In 2x01 he brings up Miles' triggers and specifically mentions Mr. H. So my head canon is that Miles tells him the truth after the Snow Ball.

Thanks for writing this! These two kids have been to hell and back and thank goodness they've become better people by talking about it.

Thanks for your message! I look forward to replying. :)
7/24/2017 c1 Frankston
For what it's worth, I think the end of Next Class Season 4 makes a moment like this between Miles and Maya more likely, even if they never gave us a full conversation like this to give us closure on their relationship. It DOES feel like they dated ages ago! You really captured that feeling that they were close and had grown apart, trying to overcome the distance and awkwardness throughout. An especially strong moment for me was Maya asking Miles how Hunter was doing, even though Miles knew she didn't want to talk about him deep down.

As for the premise: so much was implied that we can't really know for sure, Miles WAS fairly self-absorbed at the time and maybe just hadn't given it much thought, or he just as easily could have assumed she was referring to someone other than Cam. I don't know how easy it would have been for her to talk to her current boyfriend about her ex-boyfriend's suicide.

All-in-all, I thought this was great: you have such an understanding of both Miles and Maya that I could see this as if it were a scene from the show. Can't wait to read more!

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