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for How to Start a Rebellion

4/20/2018 c7 PobreHeze
Looking forward to the next chapter.
8/17/2017 c5 Anonymous Noob the 2nd
8/15/2017 c5 PobreHeze
A true cliff hanger. I look forward to more. I'll be patient though.
7/15/2017 c4 PobreHeze
I'll try to be patient, but two weeks seems a long time. ;-) can't wait!
7/6/2017 c3 2Tauriel Skywalker
This is really good so far. I usually stick to Star Wars fanfics, but my sister has gotten in to a HTTYD mood and is beginning to drag me into it as well. Can't wait for more! Love it! :D
7/4/2017 c3 PobreHezekiah
Nice. I like these. A little proofreading and spellcheck
And these are really great.
7/4/2017 c3 Guest
Darth Shado is the form of Darth Vader? great chapter
6/30/2017 c2 Guest
good chapter. Dagur,Hiccup and Heather are b rothers?
6/25/2017 c1 Guest
when you continue story?

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