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for Protecting my One!

8/9/2019 c4 Bev beltz
Hi carol. Just rereading your finchel fic protecting my one .i know I read this years ago ,but wanted to read it again .i have always loved how you write to read another new one of your finchel fics in the near future .hope every thing is great with you and your family .how is little Henry .
5/3/2019 c2 7cxe128
I'm sorry and I am saying this as nicely as possible, but this is way out of character for Quinn. She would NEVER, EVER try to murder someone! She is nice at heart in the TV show and I am so tired of fanfic writers always making Quinn an evil, psychotic bitch in Finchel stories (that is, if they mention her at all). Yes, Quinn has flaws, but Rachel has a ton of flaws too, maybe even more. This is coming from a writer who loves Finchel and Quinn (see, you can do both!). Good story though!
7/23/2017 c14 Kedzie3238
Had to play catch up on this story. Just read chapters 5 through 14. Had a busy week. Great ending though. Excited to start reading first chapter of sequel tomorrow.
7/20/2017 c14 5lefthandedrn
Love love love the ending.
7/20/2017 c5 lefthandedrn
Don't like wimpy Rachel. She should be stronger and Quinn should still be in custody. Attempted murder, continued threats and contact with the victim.
7/18/2017 c14 Bev beltz
Hi Carol .nice ending to this finchel fic . Did you have I wanted it to be me up for reading , or is this one just a rewrite and was not on this site yet .i looked for it and did not see it .i guess it will be awhile before you post any fics .hugs . Xoxo .
7/18/2017 c13 Bev beltz
Hi Carol .i figured Quinn would be back .i love how you made her so whacky . Last chapter coming up .then I will wait patiently for the next .fic .hugs xoxo . .
7/18/2017 c12 Bev beltz
Hi Carol . I wonder how Quinn keeps sending letters out to the mail .you would think they would be stopped , unless who ever visits her is mailing them . Hmmmmmm I wonder .hugs
7/18/2017 c11 Bev beltz
Hi Carol.i think I am remembering a little about the older story .you are not rewriting all of the story are you .anyway I hope she stays away .but we do know the Quinn in this story won't . Hugs .
7/18/2017 c10 Bev beltz
Hi Carol , well at least Quinn is gone . ,well for now anyways .on to chapter eleven .
7/18/2017 c1 14khazrn43
Great rewrite. On to the sequel. Honor their tether! Remember our drummer!
7/18/2017 c14 noro
Wonderful ending to an amazing story excellent writing finchel always
7/17/2017 c9 Bev beltz
Hi Carol .wow I just read chapters six thru nine in no time at all .well I guess I will have to wait for chapter ten . I wonder what crazy Quinn will do next . Lol. Hugs .
7/17/2017 c8 Bev beltz
Hi Carol .very cute finchel chapter . Hugs .
7/17/2017 c7 Bev beltz
Wow . What a psycho Quinn is in this fic .i would be terrified if this was happening to me in real life . You my friend have a very imagitive mind . Great story . I am going to start next chapter .you were really busy writing so many chapters to post one after the other .hugs.
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