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for An Upset

7/20/2017 c7 1Ellie Sculder
Andrew is such a layered character-what an interesting twist. I love the relationship between Jack and Phryne! Can't wait to see Jane go to university-will she follow Mac's footsteps? Looking forward to the next chapter!
7/19/2017 c7 Lilliebelle
Holy cannoli, this was an excellent ending I really, really enjoyed the story and I loved a happy ending, I'm glad Jane finally decided what she's going to do. I appreciate you writing about Jane. You are very talented...Hope it won't be too long before you a write a new story Thank you!;-):)
7/19/2017 c7 Guest
Such a beautiful story. Perfect ending. Thank you!
7/19/2017 c7 Alexis
I loved the drama but I'm very satisfied with the resolution. I'm also thrilled about Jane's decision. Please write another story for us...soo, I'm looking forward to your next project, right?. Thank you very much!
7/19/2017 c7 47phnxgrl
Kudos on a fine adventure.
7/19/2017 c7 Ginny
This fic was absolutely amazing from start to finish. Just so you know, you are a terrific writer and I have to congratulate you and thank you for this!;-)
7/18/2017 c6 1Ellie Sculder
So the real Andrew reveals himself. Jane must feel horribly betrayed-luckily she has a wonderful support system. I love how Jane is working with Mac. Can't wait for the next chapter!
7/17/2017 c6 Lilliebelle
I'm sorry but I don't like Andrew. I don't know him that well but hitting ? Or "he doesn't want his wife to have an education." Few years ahead I don't think she will be happy being "caged in" or controlled. This is my opinion anyway...lol. I'm really enjoying your story. So well done. Thank you!
7/16/2017 c6 SJM
Your story thoughtfully highlights issues that young people today must consider when joining groups, facing peer pressure, navigating relationships, and making critical decisions. Well done.
7/16/2017 c6 47phnxgrl
I loved how Jane is upset that her boyfriend stole an special egg from Fanny and he was not concerned over the theft. Please continue.
7/16/2017 c6 Ginny
I'm so proud of how protective Jack and Hugh were towards Jane. Phryne felt like Déjà Vu all over again. Jane needs a lot of comforting. Brilliantly written. Please keep writing. Thank you!
7/16/2017 c6 Guest
Oh the angst! This is beautifully done. I enjoyed reading immensely. Thank you!
7/10/2017 c5 1Ellie Sculder
I finally got the chance to catch up today, and the last two chapters have been delightful! I'm so intrigued by Andrew, and I can only imagine what Phryne has up her sleeve. Can't wait for the next installment!
7/10/2017 c5 Lilliebelle
So engaging and smartly written. Loved the dynamics of Phryne's family as they investigate and observe Jane's boyfriend, Andrew. I'm enjoying this immensely. Ohh, I want to know more..lol Thank you :D
7/9/2017 c5 47phnxgrl
I loved how Andrew passed the inquisition without a scratch. Please continue.
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