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for Severa Dyes Her Hair

7/13/2017 c1 Roy
6/25/2017 c1 45lon'quesadilla
I love that this begins simply enough with Severa getting the inspiration to dye her hair, but it quickly turning into something more diabolical. While the idea of a blue-haired Severa is great, at the same time it’s a bit of a painful reminder to remember that it can never be so, but that’s why it’s so great that it got to temporarily happen in this story! Not for Cordelia, though, and boy, do I feel bad for her here. :c Way to rub it in even worse, Sev. Despite that though, the image of Cordelia’s all caps text was hilarious, just saying. Also I loved her friend’s reactions to her new color, they were all so spot on! Finally, and hopefully, though, Severa’s sort of learned her lesson from this from Cordelia’s threat from the family meeting (though probably not). I’d also be excited to read more of this, but totally no pressure. This story was so great in itself, so two big thumbs up (and a story favourite) for you! c:
6/23/2017 c1 37kamikaze2007
Oh good lord this story's hilarious all the way down to the premise. Severa's SUCH a vengeful bitch that it's totally not surprising in the slightest that she would concoct such a scheme just to get back at her mother, and her mother is so embarrassed about her past love life (or lack thereof, lol) that she would absolutely scream at the idea. Hell, if Libra weren't home she probably would have worn out her lungs.

Severa's interactions with everyone and their reactions to the change were all so great and well done, yet short and to the point, BUT, my absolute favorite part is the text. Not even describing what it said and leaving it at "she calls herself a pastor's wife" made me die (dye?) laughing for a solid five minutes. It's a textbook example of why some things are better left to the imagination, because I don't think anything could have topped the humor in describing it the way you did. Hoo, I want to laugh again just thinking about it.

As a side note, I love the idea of Severa being queen bitch of her house, lounging in a big comfy recliner. That is a good mental image.

This was so great! Thanks for writing it out! :D
6/23/2017 c1 131signelchan
This is such a neat little premise that I’m glad you wrote and explored it. Even if the color isn’t permanent, the damage Severa’s done with it most definitely is, and I’m sure she’ll be living that ending threat at some point (although with the specific wording…well, maybe she’ll get around it). But what am I doing, jumping to the end of the story at the beginning of this review? That’s rather rude and ignorant of the rest of the story!

Okay, so it starts with Lucina and Severa being best friends 5ever to some capacity and doing some shopping, which is adorably mundane and perfect for them to be doing. And for Lucina to think herself too good to shop there (okay, it’s not that she’s too good but rather that her mother—who you don’t even say who it is until you reveal who her sibling is, neat touch—would think she’s too good for it), that allows for the plot to really develop. Why else would Severa be left alone in the store to buy The Goods? She wouldn’t be, easy as that.

So anyway, here Severa is, dyeing her hair the one color in the entire world that’ll make her mother flip her lid, that being that royal blue that Lucina and her family have. Which is great, I wish I could dye my hair that color, but it’s bad for Severa because now Cordelia’s pissed at her. And her dad’s upset too (good on ya for making it be Libra, because he’s definitely the kind of guy to be comforting in this situation), but his displeasure is really nothing compared to Cordelia’s because she’s livid about her daughter’s change in hair color, and Severa doesn’t seem to really care. In fact, she digs herself a deeper hole with every damn word she says at this point.

And it only gets better from there when she’s showing off the new color to her friends at school. The comparisons to Lucina and Brady (eyyy this is why the store thing mentioned above works so well) are great, and you really sell it that Severa is living for them. She wants everyone to think she could pass as one of Chrom’s kids to make her mother even more upset at the situation, and boy does she make it happen. Everyone’s reactions are super true to their characters, and I do mean everyone’s. There isn’t a single person in this story that doesn’t feel like they’d do this same thing if someone was doing some hair color swapping and sibling-pretending in canon. (also! have to give a specific mention to the fact that you brought in so many Good Characters for this school scene and I’d pay to read you writing more of their interaction shenanigans.)

This doesn’t really seem like a big deal, but boy howdy I guess that hole Severa dug was far too big to get out of safely, given that she makes her father leave work early and gets in a LOT of trouble with her mother for what she’s done. But was it worth it? I’m sure she thinks it was. And then there’s that ending line, which is a killer continuation/sequel hook if you’re ever looking to go on. If you’re not, though, no worries because this story wraps itself up nicely into a little package, a quick read that’s fun from beginning to end and shows just how well you can write these characters! c:


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