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11/13/2022 c1 rwong
Dear TM, there are still loads of readers waiting for your update and new stories of our favourite OTP. please come back! xx
11/6/2022 c24 Frad
Years pass and I still hope this fic will get updated
8/20/2022 c24 6Cheerra12
Wow! I just reread the Harry Potter series and during the camping portions of the Deathly Hallows I thought of your story. It’s fantastic. You have done a wonderful job. I’m not sure if you ever plan on updating it, but if so you would have dedicated readers.
6/28/2022 c1 Guest
So lovely and super cute:)
4/6/2022 c24 giulialuna90
This story is insanely erotic, even before it was M rated! Hope you finish it someday, I have re-read it yesterday and I still wish there was more3
1/14/2022 c24 big.fat.roses
This story is absolutely amazing, one of my favorites r/h ever. I hope you finish it someday!
12/11/2021 c24 6ooabaznogoo
What an amazing story! You capture Ron and Hermione so well and all of the tension that Harry was too oblivious to notice. I was getting nervous waiting for them to be captured, so I’m almost glad that didn’t happen in the chapters you’ve written thus far. If you ever decide to continue this story I know we’d all be grateful!
9/6/2021 c3 r2c
Getting added to my favorites for sure. I wish there were so many more of Ron stories. The only normal character among all the assortment of weirdness and strangeness
7/7/2021 c24 Guest
This fic is so beautifully written! I love the concept of what Ron and Hermione go through for all those months on the run. Like many others, I hope that you're okay and that one day you'll write more for us :)
6/25/2021 c24 3Freshly Mowed Grass
Please please update this
6/25/2021 c1 13AccioWazlib
i love coming back to this story. it brings me an odd form of comfort even years later. it’s so beautifully written and timeless. every time i reread this, it feels familiar but also brand new. wherever you are out in the world today, i hope you’re doing alright, and thank you so much for this masterpiece. hoping life is being kind to you xx
6/10/2021 c24 29reallybeth
oh this fic is just absofuckinglutely beautiful!
i hope one day you will find the urge to finish it! :)
4/20/2021 c14 HERMlONE
I’m gonna keep it real with you, I am legitimately obsessed with this story. It is literally my comfort fic before I go to sleep. I kept up with it while it was being actively posted, and I recently re-read it and cannot get enough. Even if it never gets completed (which I’m holding onto hope that it will!) it will still go down as one of my fave fics. Any romione written by you is god tier, but your tent romione? Honestly kill me. It’s so good. Idk if this is coherent. I just wanted to let you know that you are absolutely gifted at writing these two, and I literally cannot get enough of tent fics, they are my weakness. Hope you are doing well!
4/15/2021 c24 Guest
I read through this whole story and can confidently say this is one of the best Ron/Hermione five I’ve ever read. You have particularly developed Ron’s character in such a believable and heartfelt way. I must say, I’m saddened to see that you seem to have stopped writing it. I would have loved to read your take on the Malfoy Manor and Shell Cottage chapters especially. You should really consider picking it back up again, and I’m sure I’m not alone in that sentiment. I hope you will.
4/6/2021 c24 Guest
Just reread this and would LOVE an update! Live your writing!
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