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6/22/2020 c24 8The cat with blue eyes
what a story. .. I really wish there was more as it truly was beautiful. all those stolen moments and God the tension! it was a piece of art
6/14/2020 c24 3ScarletProphecy14
Please update soon! I miss this story!
6/6/2020 c24 10AllKindsOfFanfiction
I really hope you can finish this story at some point. The sexual intimacy (tension) between Ron and Hermione is imo amazingly written. Almost like being stuck in the wilderness—plus the dead stop in progress of the mission—makes it easier to engage in their activities. You’ve done a fantastic job at slowly building that up throughout the story.

Harry’s cameos are perfectly placed and I love how he just kind of knows what’s happening between them without really saying much.

I actually feel so much more sympathy for Harry because of this story. He is separated from Ginny and the only thing he can do to feel connected to her is watch her dot on the Marauders Map..

I really hope you are still able to update/complete this story, it’s fantastic! I read to the most recent update in a single day,.
5/16/2020 c1 Guest
Please update :'v
4/18/2020 c24 52be11atrixthestrange
I was so happy to find this! Thanks for the update, it was perfect
3/22/2020 c24 Myke Marauder
Wonderful chapter as always, this sexual tension between them is incredible
miss your writing ... we look forward to your inspiration
3/4/2020 c24 inthi15
actualiza por favor necesitamos otro capitulo
2/29/2020 c24 EmiEliza
I hope you pick this story back up. You're my favorite writer because you write Ron and Hermione in such a realistic way. You write them the way I imagine them. Please come back.
1/24/2020 c24 Guest
Oh god. As per usual, awesome stuff to read. Gods, the pent up frustration is so thick im surprised the characters havent actually lost their marbles yet. Anywho, hope all's good on your end! Looking forward to seeing a new chapter!

Much love
A fan from Singapore
12/26/2019 c1 Sad
I think this fanfic is in pause.
11/15/2019 c24 Guest
This story is so wonderful! I really couldn’t put it down I’ve been obsessed! A thousand well donee xxx
11/9/2019 c3 1DorkOfTheFifth
The splashing of shadows is the only thing to note. Otherwise, nothing fresh but nothing rotten.
11/9/2019 c2 DorkOfTheFifth
You misuse the term surreal. On that note, two things: ‘oddly’ is exactly what surrealism is and ‘unreal’ or ‘hypothetical’ are great substitutes.

It would’ve nice if you meant ‘frosted shoulder’ as cold shoulder too. By indicting, you mean indicating.

Later, Hermione furiously flips a page, browsing. Nonsense.

Only other issues are grammatically errors. Did I have any?
11/9/2019 c1 DorkOfTheFifth
Firstly, the language, specifically ellipses and parentheses, are overused. Not because of fragmented paragraphs or experimental style but seemingly because you’ve placed yourself in the characters shoes. This pulls me out of the story; you cannot perfectly pastiche, I realize, yet, in your reimagining, you fork yourself between omnipresent third-person narrative and, not even some afterthought of stream-of-consciousness, the characters emotions. One thing I do appreciate is its applying of pressure on plot (although this is immediately revoked by the clear escapist romance as seen later in the novel, along with the trap of sexual tension).

‘Except he’d-... He recalled...’ Except he had grabbed milk or he had recalled?

Her notes would be orderly. She makes no attempt to reorganize them, showing none of her companions tilted or crumpled them. She would be focused on showing she was not shook by his reappearance but mostly on her research for the next horcrux(es). Also, wouldn’t books, maybe with marginalia, be more prominent? She later makes a comment on the shuffling thereof as she approaches some cot or other. With both the situation tense and tea hot, why does she seem so apathetic and so much moreso of the war than of Ron?

His stealing of the tea makes no sense. He’s his brother, tea is of minor importance for Bill.

The word ‘littering, makes them seem wasteful, which they aren’t. Clever yet ignorant of your empathic style.

She is in the fetal position and turns over, disregarding your, the narrator’s, point-of-view.

His digits sliding up her tricep is extremely odd. Her passiveness I can understand, but that thought, so venisoon after his camp hiatus, should linger like the fingers on her wrist. And the like in moments centered on Hermione’s thoughts. I understand that so much time has past, that sentiments are the things we might old dear after, say, a lover’s passing, where the gesture from the jester might taste like an off-brand food, but the dialogue found in the latter part of this chapter and the nocturnal lust-chants of a muttering school-girl are so much more plausible. It skips the insecurities of Ron that we dealt with in the book, that terrible line-breaker a get-out-of-jail-free card. He might-as-well of squeezed her face like a rubbernecked cock he just tickled.

Your use of figurative language is negligent of characters, their actions, and their thoughts.

Tell me how my grammar is, if you care to.
9/23/2019 c22 2minecraftgraces
Hi I hope your okay I keep re-reading this fanfic on my like 7th re-read
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