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4/22/2019 c24 1LillyMay77
Great chapter! I’m excited for more!
4/22/2019 c24 1oldestj1
Ugh! It’s just so HARD!
Loving the story, keep going!
4/22/2019 c24 13AccioWazlib
After a long work week from hell, I spent last night in bed watching the Deathly Hallows movies. Coming into all of the tent scenes the only thing I could think about was this story. How Hermione would reach for him and He for her, every time there was danger, and how well it fit into this story plot line. As if it was really canon. A hand here, a small touch there, it makes my toes positively curl with delight at the fluffiness.

I also wanted to point out that I see what you’re doing. Recently I’ve found reference to a “pause” in the recently published chapters, and it damn near blew my mind at the excellence and sheer genius it took to slip that in without any of us realizing. I’m going to have to go and re-read all of this again to discover if it’s on-going throughout the entire story. Well done, you’ve outdone yourself AGAIN.
4/20/2019 c23 Guest
I love this story. It's so great to see talented writers still creating new Romione fics. Your characterizations are so spot on, and the sexual tension is incredible. Please keep going, I'm looking forward to more.
4/13/2019 c1 Guest
Thank you for this fanfiction. I'm reading it in Spanish. I am very attached to this story. It's phenomenal!
4/9/2019 c23 Guest
So good, cant wait for the next update!
4/8/2019 c21 170HermioneGirl96
4/7/2019 c23 allstarR
Looking forward for more chapters
4/6/2019 c23 ShePotter
Great, I love this sweetness. Not sure where your going dealing with the book. However, can’t wait to read more. Thanks
4/5/2019 c23 1oldestj1
XD loved the steamy scene!
Keep going, I need to know what happens!
4/5/2019 c23 WatchWillow1121
So perfect. Keep writing this is beautiful
4/5/2019 c23 13AccioWazlib
also i’m not sure why my review posted as a guest, as i was logged in, but never matter... the novel below is from me lol
4/5/2019 c23 Guest
Have I mentioned how much I love your versions of characters? Because honestly, they’re perfect. I usually hate when people throw Harry in for little awkward exchanges in tent-era fics, because it always seems so very forced. A quick, “oh don’t forget Harry is here!” to appease the super canon fans, but the entire story, he’s nowhere to be seen.

I much prefer your Harry, because he’s been present throughout—but not in an overwhelming sense. Every chapter he’s mentioned several times, whether it’s his watch or a warning to not go too far because it’s actually not just the two of them. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love fics where it’s pure R/Hr, and Harry is nowhere to be seen, but I must appreciate the rarity of someone doing an R/Hr yet also Trio fic JUSTICE! WHICH YOU DO ABSOLUTE STUNNINGLY. So many times the impatience comes in to just hurry through the Harry parts to get to the “good stuff” (that being R/Hr moments) but I really don’t find myself doing that with this story.

Harry’s inclusion is actually relevant, and not just added in as an afterthought. So thank you for the thought put into his appearances throughout the plot. I think part of what makes this story, is the fact that Ron and Hermione aren’t just focused on themselves. They worry for Harry and go out of their way to not exclude him, which is so accurate to their character. BUT THE KICKER HERE IS; that they acknowledge the thoughts they have when they do want to exclude him for some fluff time. That’s the majestic perfection of it. Of course they want to be alone together, but the worry for their friend outweighs their desires and THAT’s what makes it true R/Hr. B. R. A. V. O!

Harry totally is the type to scurry off to give the two of them some alone time, which was again, so canon it hurt. Also, another nod to your Ron. I really do imagine book!Ron insisting to go with Harry outside of the wards, even if Harry said no. And again with joking with Hermione of fancying Harry. That’s totally on point with the “chuck it away and punch him in the nose” Ron we know and love.

I loved the use of soap in regular conversation around Harry. That was such a genius moment that it probably takes my favorite moment of this entire chapter.

One last thing, I again must say that I adore the talk of Hogwarts, I find it so very sweet that their source of comfort is imagining what life would be like, should they be at school. Absolute perfection.
4/4/2019 c23 Guest
Thank you for teasing him about sleeping in Harry’s bed.

4/4/2019 c23 Guest
Was so excited for this update. Love the little soap comment. Can’t wait for more.
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