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3/28/2019 c22 1Kristeen6teen
Yeah, another update.
And brilliant as always.
3/28/2019 c22 HeRonLove
That was an effing brilliant chapter.
3/28/2019 c21 HeRonLove
That was a fantastic chapter.
3/28/2019 c22 7B4C
Your spoiling us with all these fluffy updates. Please keep em coming.
3/27/2019 c22 1oldestj1
Damn! They never make it easy, do they!?
Keep going! Can’t wait for the snogging!
3/27/2019 c22 rwong
This is totally brilliant and enlightening! I am talking about, for one thing, the discussion on slughorn party, how Ron showed Hermione the perspective from his side, that she would have invited Harry as a friend too. That was very, very good. I thought I understood that before already. But no, it's only after reading this chapter that the bell rang clear in my head, how he was taking her sort of invitation. Also, a little earlier, the mention of Hermione having said Harry was fanciable...Ron would mind such comments from Hermione, of course! I could imagine him feeling bitter overanalyzing the night after hearing that, and so he could easily bring it up now. Solid proof that you know Ron better than the locket!
There are so many things I love about this chapter. Ron's handwritten notes (I dunno why but reading anything he wrote is always a wonderful feeling) was much like a confession; brushing teeth together was another level of intimacy and sweetness in itself; Harry getting used to the sight of the two of them together, perhaps; the mention of the patrons list...I'm wondering what Hermione is thinking? And the charged moment by the end, before they's such a rich chapter!
You are spoiling us, Blue. I'm afraid we are all expecting another update soon. Don't abandon us now, please!
3/27/2019 c22 13AccioWazlib
THREE INSTALLMENTS IN THREE DAYS? Now I know you're spoiling me, I feel majorly special, thank you.

I find the idea of Hermione falling asleep on his shoulder after their activities, very sweet. Especially when Ron woke up and refused to move though his arm was probably numb and tingly. Ahh, young love.

Again I must applaud you on your Hermione, I find her so incredibly canon, I sometimes have to remind myself that it actually isn't. With her demanding look breaking through her sleepy face, I don't blame Ron for not being able to keep the 'beans' to himself.

Her pointed eyebrows and meaningful glance at the parchment, was a stunning accurate response to how I really would imagine how she would react if someone told her she couldn't read something... Amazing!

THE. LITTLE. ROW. was absolute perfection! Just like the two of them in every single way. The cutting themselves off when they KNEW the other was right, but wouldn't admit to it. UGH, GREATNESS!
Also, I loved the nod to Slughorn's party and the rationalization that yes, Hermione would've invited Harry as a friend would the positions be reversed-something I had never thought about, but really made me sympathize with Canon!Ron on his reasons for not going with her. I, like most, found myself frustrated because "IT WAS RIGHT THERE, RON! WE COULD'VE AVOIDED THE LAVENDER INCIDENT"... but this very clearly showed me a different side, showcasing his very obvious insecurities that he cannot amount to the "Great Harry Potter" in Hermione's eyes. BRAVO!

I could go on and on, but I doubt you want to read me analyzing each paragraph with my notes and reactions, so I will leave you with one more thought; you are absolutely spoiling me rotten with their sweet pillow talk and small touches. Please, I beg you... don't stop!
3/27/2019 c22 1LilyJean630
I like that he told her about the locket sooner than say after the war. I love their little examples of domestic bliss, like sleeping on the sofa together, brushing their teeth together... it shows a solid foundation that can can build a relationship upon.
3/27/2019 c22 1LillyMay77
Yay a new chapter! Love this story and always so excited to see an update!
3/27/2019 c22 I knit Weasley Jumpers
3 Pause updates in 3 daysmy idea of heaven! Loved chapter 21, but also really enjoyed the day after awkwardness, and the way the locket reveal unfolded. Thanks so much for spoiling us this week!
3/27/2019 c22 Twenty on the Inside
Wow! No loud row! I do think these two are developing and growing their relationship in such a perfect way. You are very wise...I wonder sometimes where all this perfect writing comes from. And why I'm not reading best sellers written by TMBlue...or am I?
3/27/2019 c22 5Lausmiile
Blue, I think you’re just trying to kill us all uploading three days in a row! But can I just say that pretty soap this story? They’re are the cutest and I love how they can act normal even though what have they’ve just done. Aww and the fact that Harry don’t even find weird that they are stick together
3/27/2019 c22 Guest
Another update! Thank you soooo much! Such a good fic. Nice work
3/27/2019 c20 170HermioneGirl96
You've really captured the insecurity of new relationships. Well. Sort of new. The point is, you've captured something real here.
3/27/2019 c21 1Kristeen6teen
Great, I “soap“ it!
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