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for A Trick of the Light

11/28 c36 25Gingeraffealene
Ahh, that was the BEST! I don’t know what to say. It was medicine for my soul. Beautiful! Thank you for making my day!
11/28 c36 3Vanvdreamer
I loved that while Gwaine did get mad about the lies, he also realized that Merlin wouldn’t have liked them any more than Gwaine did, and also that the lies were only one small part of who Merlin was. And even better, now Gwaine is determined to be there for Merlin. Wonderful chapter!
11/17 c35 CityHunter12
Woo, revelations! My thoughts are all jumbled (it's late), but I love your style of writing and I'm so happy that you posted again.
11/16 c35 25Gingeraffealene
Dun dun duuuuunnnn! Fun stuff! I’m excited for the magic! Please update again soon!
11/16 c35 3Vanvdreamer
Gwaine can handle it. His reaction will be fun, though! Can’t wait!
11/8 c34 CityHunter12
I'm so glad you posted! What is Robin up to? I'm very curious about how everything is going to pan out.
11/8 c34 25Gingeraffealene
Excellent! I especially loved the last bit of conversation.
I feel some amazing magic coming at us!
11/8 c34 3Vanvdreamer
Yayyy! I’m very glad you’re back, and looking forward to the story. Loved the chapter btw, Gwaine and Robin make an amusing pair. And Merlin, on whatever he’s on, is pretty funny too!
3/25 c33 31lily moonlight
Hey! At last I have been able to take some time to read your story! It's been a welcome read, very welcome :) I don't know the TV show characters, but know the characters from legend. I have enjoyed very much how you've created the landscape and scenes, and also the touches of life that the characters have. It brings them off the screen and into reality. Some lovely humour and pathos, and very well done. Thank you!
12/11/2019 c2 4everfictional
Robin huh? Perhaps in reference to a certain bat family? ;3 I really hope so! XD
12/11/2019 c1 4everfictional
Brilliant first chapter! XD
12/10/2019 c33 25Gingeraffealene
So very glad to see this update! Love Gwaine! Bree is cool. Robin is a great character. And Gaius giving Gwaine heck for going off and leading others to trouble is excellent.
12/10/2019 c33 CityHunter12
Hurray, thanks for posting! I love your use of language; reading this story is a delight!
12/10/2019 c33 3Vanvdreamer
Oh thank goodness. I was so sad for lonely Gwaine. Wonderful chapter! Thanks for sharing!
7/27/2019 c32 25Gingeraffealene
Well Smuffly, I just binge read the whole thing and I would have left glowing reviews full of hearty hurrahs for every single chapter, but I was selfish and couldn’t stop enthusiastically pressing ‘next’ as fast as possible.
I love it! Absolutely, love it. It’s so unique and fun with Puck and the will o’ wisps. Your writing moves the story right along at a great pace and yet leaves nothing out.
Hope you’ll update soon!
Thank you!
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