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for Passage Of Time Can Change The Heart

8/18/2021 c1 romanceforever
Good story and i’ve already started the sequel. I loved this show and have every episode on DVD. I had the biggest crush on Michael Douglas as Steve Keller. BTW, how refreshing to read a fan fiction author who can spell and understands grammar and punctuation!
7/16/2017 c1 Guest
I call BS on the praise for this writer for allowing differing viewpoints. I left a review awhile ago that pointed out the writer completely glossed over Nixon's Watergate scandal. That review was not allowed to post. So where is this writer allegedly so great for "allowing different viewpoints"? My viewpoint wasn't allowed to post, probably because I also had some criticism for the writing style and format. It also seems like the only viewpoints being allowed to post are the ones that are praising the writer for being so open-minded (which they're not). So you got bashed by a Trump supporter. If you write a politically motivated story about a past president who had scandal during his presidency, you learn to deal with the negative comments you're bound to get.
7/1/2017 c1 67honu59
This story has a good point which rings true in life. The passage of time can soften and change opinions. As you have pointed out through Steve Keller's change of heart, Nixon did accomplish some good things during his presidency, such as creating the Environmental Protection Agency. I will look forward to your follow-up story, too.

To southforTRUMP: I, too, was offended by your review. Mature adults are able to disagree and remain respectful without hurling hurtful insults as you have done here. And politics aside, I would suggest that you consider the help of a beta. I counted at least ten basic grammatical errors in your review.
6/29/2017 c1 Bravo from Guest
Bravo Keller12917 for allowing opposing guest views to appear on the board. You have restored my belief that we can and should be able to disagree kindly and still hold onto our common love of Streets, Steve, Mike and Jeannie. You are a very good writer and I hope to visit another one of your works soon.
6/28/2017 c1 Guest
Well said Tanith2011. I also found SouthforTrump's comments offensive. I thought that America was the biggest defender of freedom of speech. Whilst SouthforTrump has the right to her political opinion so does Keller12917 have the right to hers. That's what democracy is all about. As for the rest of SouthforTrump's comments, they were very mean and small-minded. Personally, I loved the way you left us all wanting more of this story.
6/27/2017 c1 Guest
Dear Keller12917, I tried to ignore the Trump bashing, but then another reviewer could not. Unfortunately, you were smashed with the ugly words spoken out of heated emotions. I am sorry for that, because it misrepresents the nearly 63 million Americans who did vote for Trump. I can discuss this on a college level political science level, but really, you have your views and I have mine. I am neither white nor rich, no am I filled with hate or a deplorable. I am an American who voted for change.
That being said, I wish that current politics were left out of SOSF. I understand that Steve's Berkley background and his position on Watergate was part of his character and an effort to be relevant to the 70's generation of the show, even though as you so eloquently noted, Nixon's whole presidency was unfairly judged and no, he was not then or now ever considered to be a democrat as another reviewer claimed.
Mostly, I am saddened that Jeannie Stone's strong female character was so twisted that she could not even make the decision to leave the house herself and had to call Daddy to give her strength to save herself.
This is fan fiction, and you have every right to choose your universe, but I do hope that readers as well as writers will respect the fact that we can be united with our love for a TV program without having the same political views. It would have been nice anyway.
6/27/2017 c1 71Tanith2011
Great to see another story from you! I'm not familiar with Nixon and I'm not from the US so the political aspect is a little lost for me, however, I give you kudos for taking on the idea of Jeannie in what sounds to me like in an abusive relationship. That's a tough one and I for one would love to see you continue with this. I guess that is my criticism of this story - it ends too abruptly leaving readers wanting more.
I also enjoyed the way Mike and Steve conversed and how you are exploring their personality development through age without making them out of character.

To your reviewer "SouthforTRUMP", you have every right to voice your opinion, but a word of advice: If you want your review to be taken as a genuine expression of your feelings, perhaps you could do so in a less hypocritical and more respectful fashion in future. To me, you were offensive in your comments towards others who may be supportive of the liberal approach and those who reside in other countries also read on this site and may believe their country is "the BEST IN THE WORLD". Also, regarding your criticism in the subject of Jeannie being portrayed in an abusive relationship as something you believe would never have been portrayed on the show, if you have been reading on this site for as long as you claim, you may have noticed, fan fiction allows writers to explore ideas that hadn't been used on the screen. So please, if you feel offended by this writer's story, take care in voicing your own opinionated ideals as you may be offending others.
6/27/2017 c1 17mchicken
Funny how our opinions change over the years. Is there not going to be any more of this. You sorta left the door open?!
6/26/2017 c1 SouthforTRUMP
I've been reading stories on this site for awhile now, especially for shows I grew up with as a kid. Was fun to see someone else remembered this show. Watched it along with Barnaby Jones, Columbo, the Rookies...all them old cop shows. Good American values in those. Then I run into some liberal Dem trying to destroy my memory of a GREAT show by using it to spew her libtard ideals. I had to create an account just to say something I was so offended. Think your all brave for bashing President Trump in a story? He's gonna make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN! You think they treated Nixon bad even tho he did good things? Well all you crybaby Libs will be crying the same tune soon enough when Trump makes this the best country in THE WORLD! A couple of good Americans like Mr. Malden and Mr. Douglas would be ashamed to be a part of this bashing nonsense. And then to have Jeannie in an abusive relationship? WTF is wrong with you? That would have never flown on that show. What show were you watching? I bet you weren't even alive yet. You write like one of them millennials. Is your sequel gonna be a bunch of Trump bashing again? Save that crap for one of your lib sites where all you snowflakes go to cry, especially if its written as bad as this story. Heard of a beta? Spellcheck? And then you stopped in the middle of a scene. I've seen this on other boards. Bad writers do it just to get people to review and beg for more. Sad, just like a lib. So much for a walk down memory lane with Mike and Steve.
6/26/2017 c1 1Sylvia Elaine
Loved the little snippets of humour throughout the story. I have to admit that being a Brit I don't know a great deal about US politics but I always quite liked what I saw of Nixon in the early days and hated to see him come to such an ignominious end in office. All that Watergate scandal couldn't have just been down to the actions of one man. I'm also curious to see this story set several years in the future and Jeannie already on to her second marriage which doesn't sound a good one by all accounts. Is it just co-incidence that her new husband is called Donald and you've clearly made him an unpleasant character in your story? I sense a link here. LOL. I'm glad to hear there's more of the story to come as I felt you left several threads hanging and I'd love to hear more of Jeannie's plight and Steve and Mike's rush to the rescue. Most enjoyable.
6/25/2017 c1 14Tonyrobbertsen
An excellent story. Why did Jeannie and Steve listen back then to Mike with his no Cop Dating. Now she married the wrong man. A man who is violent towards her.
And Steve still is in love with her. Will they be in time?
I hope we will get to know.
6/25/2017 c1 Amanda England
Oh you cannot leave it there ! What a cliff hanger ! I am going to be wondering now what happens next.
What a good story please do not leave us wondering for long
6/25/2017 c1 44EKWTSM9
Very interesting 'take' on a very important time in U.S. history - especially in light of what's going on today. But you can't just leave it there - this can't be a complete story with so many unanswered questions... That's just cruel!
6/24/2017 c1 2Elise Deschat
Politics aside, has Jeanie married an abusive husband? Boy that is hard for two cops...
6/24/2017 c1 Helenem
Oh I just love this story, Nixon also signed OSHA into law to protect workers. In today's world he would probably be considered a democrat. I just love that mike is coming to realize that Jeannie could have done worse than a cop.
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