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for Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder

10/15 c14 corazonconaugeritos
I absolutely love this story! I'm in desperate need for more, I swear. Love the way you write them all and the plot is really good too.
Tina's dream had me dead and knowing Queenie can see everything, poor Tina, I don't know how she can live with that, she must truly love her sister.
I need Newt's reaction to seeing her dressed like that after missing her so much. God these two are so freaking adorable, thank you so much
8/10 c14 1Music96
*continues thoughts* I was so excited to hear about Tina's side of this agreement, and I really appreciate you not having the sisters have a falling out over Jacob. As for that dream... *fans self and clutches pearls* we're all adults here, and it's only natural for adults to desire each other. It's adorable that Tina saw Newt as himself even if he was far more confident romantically than she has ever seen him. The lingerie scene was absolutely hilarious, and I have a feeling Queenie literally turned Tina's dream dress into reality! I can't wait to find out! Part of me shrieked in delight internally when Tina had to immediately leave for Europe because she had absolutely NO time to change out of her stunning evening attire! I just KNEW Newt had to see her in it, and I am so excited to read about him seeing her again! I have a feeling that Newt will be stunned into silence, even if she came to England wearing a burlap sack. I'm so excited for the next chapter whenever you are able to post it! Life happens, and man, did 2019 and especially 2020 throw a whole lot of life at us. Congratulations on your graduation, and take care of yourself during these trying times!
8/10 c14 Music96
Oh my God Oh my GOD! I just KNEW at some point you would update, and trust me, it was WELL worth the wait!
8/1 c14 ice-rain499
Welcome back! I was thrilled to see an update, and I'm even more glad that Chapter 15 is already in the works. That's a terrible place to pause it.
7/29 c14 8srhittson
I’m so excited that you updated this story. I really enjoyed this chapter. I want to know what is going to happen next.
7/29 c14 Giraffka
Oh, so glad you've decided to continue this story! Can't wait for more!
3/12 c13 Hermione
plz make next chapter. I am dying to hear it PLZ i love your story SO much #NEWTINA4LIFE :)
2/12 c13 Guest
It's been a while... and I miss Mr Flappy... I hope you update soon XD Take care
10/23/2019 c13 maggggggggggie
any chance of another chapter any time soon?
8/18/2019 c8 JMcNally1980
You’re not cruel, you’re using Theseus’ character build up brilliantly.
The way I am reading it is ‘Of course he wants to dig up dirt on Newt because of Christmas’.
4/29/2019 c13 videltpm
Nice story. Please update
4/12/2019 c13 Giraffka
Please, continue this story...
3/4/2019 c2 46megSUPERFAN
This is amazing! I adore this story. All the characters are written so well!
2/6/2019 c13 9indianpipe
Loving this️
2/4/2019 c13 1Music96
Yay! I got so excited when I saw the email update! this was a great chapter, and I'm so glad Theseus chose Tina for the case, and that he thought it would be fun. I'm also pretty happy that there is no miscommunication in your story. These two lovers were put through the ringer with the letter incident! I can't wait to see what happens next!
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