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7/3/2017 c1 PC-TheAuthor
dipcifica! pacifica, now a model. dipper, a s ientist who has made weirdiology. reunite in one formal party hosted in the town which started it all
6/24/2017 c1 4Solarfish
I do not doubt your literary skills or your zest for the written word, but I must cast doubt upon your imagination.

This is a site where people post works to receive constructive criticism and help on their writing skills. Not an erotica chat site. Actually, this so called "story" actually violates the rules of itself as open dialogue.

We are not here to give you ideas, you are here to share yours and improve your writing skills.

I do so hope you cast some actual thought into a story line to write something and allow us to help constructively instead of asking us, the readers, to contribute to your erotic fantasy.

Keep mashing keyboard,

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