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3/6/2020 c12 Jade9521
Oh my god! I’m so happy you updated this fic it’s one of my favorites. Klonnie are amazing together. I love them and I really hope they have a baby that would be the most amazing thing ever. I hope when he returns she is pregnant when will that be btw? I hope the war doesn’t last too long cause I don’t want Nik to be away from Bonnie for a long period of time specially with Esther trying to take control and obsessing with making Finn king, he’s so weak and pathetic that it will never happen I’m sure but she still will put up a fight. I hate how she doesn’t care about her other kids it’s not their fault she hates Mikael. She and Sage need to get a reality check and disappear for good. Thanks for the update.
3/6/2020 c12 Guest
I love everything about it.
3/6/2020 c12 freckled98
Please protect them and yes a baby pup
3/6/2020 c12 Guest
My favorite fic thank you for updating
3/5/2020 c12 Guest
Please update soon!
3/5/2020 c12 Guest
Lovely update
3/5/2020 c12 LovelyAngelique
Aww I hope that when Nik returns Bonnie is pregnant! Their farewell was romantic, I love them and I want them to be king and queen and have a happy family although I have a feeling Esther and Sage are not going to make it easy for them. Elijah better keep his mother in check and Sage better get a reality check cause Nik is never going to have eyes for her, he is taken and the sooner she realizes that the better it would be for everyone. Thank you for this absolutely amazing update. I missed this fic so much so reading this was thrilling.
3/5/2020 c12 Jay
Omg. I can’t wait for more! Idk if I missed it or not but is there a timeframe of how long nik will be gone for? I’m so excited for him to return to a pregnant Bonnie! I just love, love, love this story so much. You’re doing an awesome job!
3/5/2020 c12 Guest
Fantastic update
3/5/2020 c12 Guest
Your writing always presents vivid imagery I feel like I’m watching an episode of the show. Great work
3/5/2020 c12 Guest
3/4/2020 c12 Guest
I have a soft spot for Rebekah and Marcel but I love her with Stefan.,,who will she choose?
3/4/2020 c12 audrydreams
Things are about to get even more interesting now. I hope nothing bad happens while klaus and his dad are at the front I worry for Bonnie specially if she does end up pregnant who knows what Esther will be capable of doing. I hate her! I also hate Sage can’t believe she’s still trying to get Nik’s attention, she needs to get over it he belongs with Bonnie. I hope you can update soon.
3/4/2020 c12 Guest
Love it
3/4/2020 c12 8bellavida0213
Great update
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