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11/28 c6 Clevercrafts2001
I looked it up and Vesemir was over 300 when he was killed by the Wild Hunt and also in one of the side quests for the Blood and Wine DLC you read about a Bear School Witcher who left the Path and became a monk so he probably died of old age the only downside is that it’s never mentioned beyond that so you don’t find out when exactly he died. So provided they’re not killed in a fight a Witcher can live for a VERY long time.
11/28 c5 Clevercrafts2001
Geralt is showing how much he respects Ned, and how he considers him a friend rather than a potential employer. Geralt’s respect and friendship is hard to earn, as is his trust, when you come from a place where people will just as readily cheat and scorn for what you are as they will beg you for help, it’s a given for someone to not easily give their trust.
11/22 c58 Guest
This story is fire
11/3 c11 blyat
If a witcher much less Geralt can deflect a bolt from a crossbow, i dont know why Geralt is not sure in defeating Jaime without sign. lets face it Only few can Match Geralt in sword fighting in the Game of thrones universe.
11/3 c10 blyat
Vesemir is older than that, Lambert implied Vesemir is still alive in 1100s and the game take place in 1272.
11/3 c10 blyat
I know this is an old chapter but Vesimir is older than 102,, Lambert implied that Vesimir owned a hat that made 1100s and the game take place 1272.
10/26 c1 6Eternal.Disaster
I'm reading this again for the 3rd time! I love it!
10/10 c4 ErwinvonBeckendorf
Great chapter!
10/10 c3 ErwinvonBeckendorf
Great chapter !
10/10 c1 ErwinvonBeckendorf
Great chapter
9/15 c58 Guest
Bro your story is one of a kind. Don't give up you are a wonderful writer. Please update urgently. Thank you.
8/9 c12 Falkorian
I've tried reading this but just can't, first of there are loads of words like ' it's' or 'he' missing which makes it hard to read without having to stop. Also I don't get why Geralt being added I'd having zero change to the timeline, everything is the same as cannon, maybe that'll change but Im a fifth of the way through. I liked the premise but yh...
7/25 c58 1102Mike
If Geralt gets his own Valyrian steel sword, can it be the mastercrafted wolven steel sword
7/16 c1 Toasta
... to the dude below me godsdamnit dude, you couldn't have given us a warning before you dropped a spoiler as big as that?
7/6 c24 Makimass
Frustrating to see Ned die but atleast a lot of people was saved.
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