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for The White Wolf of Westeros

1/22 c30 21francisthewitcher
You know, I was just researching about how Euron Greyjoy looked originally in the books and I gotta say, I'm glad you decided to adapt that design from the books instead of the tv shows, his appearance is way more intimidated with the eyepatch and that armor going on. It would be pretty interesting to see how Grey and Geralt would meet face to face, that could be an amazing fight indeed.
1/19 c27 francisthewitcher
Well that was a very interesting chapter, not only some questions are finally answered, but to see a new set of characters, who also are very interesting and badasses and I'm excited to see their roles in this plot! I'm sure they will meet the Witcher sooner!
1/18 c26 francisthewitcher
Finally! I couldn't continue reading this amazing story for a few reasons, but I finally went back on track! This story is getting good even more! Even I can't wait to see Geralt dealing with the witches once more!
1/6 c57 Mughead
Hi there man, hope you haven't given up on the story yet. It's too well written.
12/20/2022 c2 munindrakumardangi
Your grammar is atrocious. At least check your draft through grammarly or something.
12/18/2022 c9 Trevion1 Brownlee
I just came up with this theory and I doubt it’s right but since the portal they went through in the beginning sins them through time and space I think the girl might’ve been the Targaryen only makes sense Game of Thrones someone from The royal bloodline of the Targaryen is supposed to come and defeat or at least lead the charge of the White walkers aunt in the Witcher‘s world someone of the magical bloodline is supposed to defeat the everlasting Frost I doubt I’m correct but it’s pretty cool To think about
12/5/2022 c1 sunshinee329
I’ve loved this whole story and read it twice over. I found it a few weeks ago and I hope to read more soon. This is brilliant and as a huge fan of both books, video games, etc. i can honestly say I’m so impressed with your grasp of their characters. It’s incredible. Please don’t give up on this one !

I can honestly say my weakness is Geralt and Daenerys fan fiction one day I’ll find it lol.

I love how you respect that he is loyal to yennifer in this story.

Thank you for this blessing <3
12/3/2022 c57 Jon Snow
Renly and Loras are dead. Things are not going well for House Tyrell. At least Brienne and Loras succeeded in killing Gregor.

Joffrey's plan worked.

Brienne is a knight finally. That is nice.
11/25/2022 c56 Culaio
Like always great chapter to read : )

This battle is going exactly as I expected, as I thought cannons are huge problem.

I am a bit confused though, Mountain had order to capture Margaery and Olenna yet he seems to be later targeting Renly if I didnt misunderstood anything.

Keep up the amazing work : )
11/25/2022 c55 Culaio
I am really happy to see characters gathering together, including Geralt meeting again Lady Catelyn. Geralt meeting Hadrian and the Root : )
It feels like root was more suprised by Gerlat than otherwise around ;p

Its interesting to know that old gods know about Geralt : )

Its really good to see that everyone takes crones so seriouslym they are extremly dangerous.

I had no idea R'hllor would be related to old gods...

Keep up the Amazing work : )
11/24/2022 c54 Culaio
I am really glad that they are actually preparing for the things against which they will have to fight, as I mentioned in review to one of previous chapters that was one of key issues.

I really like your take on the old gods, especially since I really liked Princess Mononoke : )

I also really like the idea of Gendry and Shireen working together on fixing the forge, its great you give different characters different roles that are important to events in the story sooner or later : )

Keep up the Amazing work : )
11/24/2022 c53 Culaio
A lot is happening and most of it not good for the good guys...

I cannot imagine how they are supposed to fight one same side as Lanisters against the monsters.

I see that a lot of people are going to meet in same place in near future...that is if nothing happens...

Not gonna like I am worried about the cannons... hope that good guys will have some means to overcome this advantage of the enemy...

Keep up the amazing work.
11/24/2022 c52 Culaio
Like always great chapter, it was a while since ive read the story, I will do my best to catch up to newest chapter and review along the way : ).

Its great to see group working together to take down the flesh golem, I like seeing Geralt leading the group, I hope to see more of Geralt as a leader in the future : )

I wonder where are those bombs coming from, who makes them.

I hope that Geralt after seeing the dangers that are coming their way, that he will put effort into better preparing, I would say that preperation is important aspect of witcher job, and Geralt is definitly not prepared enough, he needs better "gear": potions, bombs better armor, possibly better weapons(like possibly Valyrian steel sword but probably its unlikely he would have chance to get one any time soon) and so on.

Keep up the amazing work : )
11/21/2022 c57 5Man of Wrath
Damn you... damn you for making this story so captivating. It has literally consumed the last month and a half of my life. It has made me late for work, it has kept me up at all manner of the night, it has made me skip martial arts classes, and cancel social plans just to keep reading. I've actually re-read this fic from the top a few times in anticipation of the newer chapters. I don't know if there is more of a compliment I can give than that.

If there's any gripes I have, in the form of constructive criticism, I do think you could do with a few re-reads of your chapters before submission. If you have a beta reader, really press them on finding those grammatical errors.

For the love of God, PLEASE see this tale through to the end. I can't tell you how cathartic it feels that, for all of the suffering we've seen the Starks and other noble characters endure in the main Game of Thrones timeline, that Geralt serves as a champion and beacon of hope to all of these characters is an awesome feeling.
11/10/2022 c56 Octavio Sumarkho
When is the next chapter coming out?
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