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for The White Wolf of Westeros

8/30/2017 c9 Quelthias
Jon and Tyrion get along well, almost like Dandelion and Zoltan. But I have a feeling Bronn is more the Dandelion type.
8/30/2017 c10 8Jebest4781
this was great man and love what you did here. will be interesting on things now adapted with Geralt around and wonder what else you'll do next
8/30/2017 c8 Quelthias
The investigation was a nice Witcher touch. So many times Geralt is assigned work finding the killer. This time at least, the victim still lives. I wonder if Geralt has some potions that might help with healing bran. Is it worth the risk though?
8/30/2017 c10 ficreader2011
why didn't geralt just go with benjen if he is so worried about ciri being beyond the that he is here at the wall he is gonna go back would have been better if their was no ciri here so he could be focused on the south.
8/29/2017 c10 ww1990ww
Minor nitpick. Vesemir is not a century but more close to two or three even.

Beyond that, I have a feeling Avallach might soon arrive.
8/25/2017 c9 6Achaewa
So is Ciri going to appear at all?
8/22/2017 c9 BangsterJr
I always become very happy when I see the e-mail notification about you updating this story and I think I already fell in love with it. I adore Geralt, and I enjoy how you write him as well as his relationships with the GoT characters. I can't complain, because I cherish every paragraph and sentence! The Witcher 3 is my all time favorite game, and GoT is one of the best series right now, so for me, this crossover is a blessing!
I believe we will receive more info about Ciri's whereabouts. Maybe she will end up with the Free Folk and there she will meet Jon (and Geralt)? That would be fantastic! I hope Geralt will spend more time in Castle Black than Tyrion in the series. I'm looking forward to read the next chapters!
8/19/2017 c1 MojoBoingo
It's Quen, not Quin. Gotta be careful about little mistakes like that, it really interrupts the flow of the story. I'd also suggest changing the soldier saying "Lord Ned Stark" to "Lord Eddard Stark." His friends and family call him Ned, a soldier in his service would never be so flippant.
8/19/2017 c6 5CrowKrowQrow
Hey man, just to know, I had read your chapters and stopped for some time, did something happen to weaken Geralt's mutations? Cause so far he seems more like a great magical swordsman than a superhuman mutant great magical swordsman.
8/19/2017 c9 EXOKaiKokoBop
So his daughter is beyond the wall fighting the night King... So I guess he is staying at Castle. Black
8/18/2017 c9 Max000
Loved the chapter bro. You made my day, update as soon as you are able.
8/18/2017 c9 BigWilly526
please let Jon see some sense and go with Geralt
8/18/2017 c9 ozeum
Not bad :)
8/18/2017 c9 2nemisis431
Excellent chapter once again. Geralt finally letting loose and showing Jon and Tyrion what he could really do killing those wildlings with ease and without signs or alchemy was awesome I'm in the camp that says no normal human besides maybe Jaime the hound and mountain should even make him break a sweat besides overwhelming numbers. I can't wait to see Geralt interact with Cersei and the Red woman though that's far away because Geralt had so little patience for sorcerers(besides Yen of course) in his own world. I'm wondering though will Danys dragons being born marks the beginning of magic coming back into the world so I'm wondering if that will give him more consistency with his signs. All in all man keep up the excellent work
8/18/2017 c9 Artimuos Sen
Thenns are the most civilised ones , it's a shame that in tv series they where made cannibals. Ciri again injured and trying to escape from a dangerous foe and what would happen if he knew about her powers
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