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for The White Wolf of Westeros

12/26/2021 c2 Ltbutterfly287
It actually baffles me to no end that you places ciri in essos.
12/25/2021 c5 alligheri56
12/23/2021 c34 Guest
good negotiations. but I have the feeling that the lords of the north should have proposed an engagement between Shireen and a noble child in the north. Weddings or engagements are part of almost every alliance.
12/15/2021 c6 bookcoda
In the third paragraph of this chapter the last sentence has an error and just sounds off.
Only saying something because this story has been very well written and with no noticeable errors up to this point.
Another thing i found weird though story wise is why Geralt for no discernible reason realizes that magic and monsters don't exist in this new world he has been transported to, for all he knew at that point he could have just been teleported. I don't know the weirdness could have been abated by Geralt simply explaining that he is a witcher and that a witcher is a monster hunter with the guards not believing him rather then him just knowing oh there is no magic or monsters here.
12/9/2021 c37 Guest
So the Lannisters get some powerful allies. I hope, however, that also Tywin has some plans of his own to make life difficult for his enemies
12/6/2021 c52 Guy
I feel geralt is gonna need more than just an army to defeat the crones and their minions. Hopefully the lady will give him aerondight once more. He will certainly need it.
12/6/2021 c52 StrX
I am so happy this story exists, especially since good witcher crossovers are very rare. already excited for the next chapter and thank you for writing this!
12/6/2021 c51 Culaio
Another great chapter, I enjoyed reading it : )

It was interesting to see some Kai perespective.

It was also really interesting see some info about the gods.

But the best part was Group dealing with ghouls, and the confronting flesh golem(I really like the monster from the movie zygote so that makes it even better XD)

Keep up the great work : )
12/5/2021 c50 Culaio
I know I say it every time but damn it its true, Like always great chapter XD

Its great to see what is happening to different characters.

I especially enjoyed the duel, it was really great.

Its also really good to see that Lady Catelyn found something who can help her.

Keep up the Great work : )
12/5/2021 c47 3awesomeman1990
Ah, I know what that feels like. Try not to move much. And my condolences to your cat.
12/1/2021 c52 Jon Snow
At least Gerald and the others managed to destroy the nest.
12/1/2021 c51 Guest
Theon is being dumb.
12/1/2021 c51 Cersei
Now Edmure is a monster.
12/3/2021 c49 Culaio
Yet another great chapter : )

It was really interesting to see all the different things that are happening : )

Geralt mentioning Yennefer was really nice to see, though it made me thing about the fact that in your story one aspect of Geralt isnt well represented, you could call it his 'flaw': Geralt wasnt exactly most faithful guy to her(and to be fair she wasnt most faithul to him early in the books), that could be related to the fact that witchers have higher libido, not to mention witchers travel a lot and have dangerous job, so its kinda not suprising he grabs opurtunities he has.

I could understand Geralt being completly faithful if Yennefer was in the story, but she isnt and it feels like a wasted opurtunity not to show this side of Geralt.
12/2/2021 c48 Culaio
Like Always great chapter : )

World started to progress for good and bad...

Supernatural stuff is playing bigger and bigger role...

A lot of danger coming Geralt and Ciri way...

Like always thank you for your hard work on this story : )
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